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Desk Power Solutions


How to Improve your workspace by upgrading your desk

Desks in a workspace are one of the most important foundations for productivity, providing the user with a safe permanent base of operations, there are almost endless options for design, layout and functionality. However, one thing which is essential for everyone working from a desk is power supply, without power you won't be taking any calls, checking emails or logging into critical systems.

That's why it is vital to plan where you position your power outlets to charge laptops and provide a constant power supply to computers, screens and other devices. Whether you work in the office day in, day out or remotely at home it is essential to have a reliable supply of power close to you.


So how can you achieve this?


In-Desk Power Solutions

Utilization of existing outlets scattered all over the place in wall or floor sockets - to - desk ports, making your life that much easier.


Image from Vecteezy

 Stylish and sleek designs with high-power output, optimised fast reliable charging. As well as multimedia options.



On-Desk Power

Icon Desktop Chargers


2x UK Outlets, USB-A + USB-C power

With: Dual CAT6 or CAT6 & HDMI


2x UK Outlets, USB-A + USB-C power

With: Dual CAT6 or CAT6 & HDMI

P-Pack Desk PDUs 

P-Pack Desk PDUs

2x UK or 4x UK fused Outlets 

With master power switch



Desktop unit with fused UK sockets,

Options for dual USB & Cat 6 couplers


In-Desk Power

Vertical pop-out desk solutions

Vertical Desk Power

2x UK Sockets with dual USB power

Individually fused power sockets

Vertical Desk Power *PRO

2x UK Sockets, dual USB power

With dual CAT6, VGA, 3.5mm audio 


Under-Desk Power

PDUs designed to provide power mounted under the desk


The most cost-effcient way to power

your devices around your workspace

P-Pack UnderDesk

2x UK Outlets, USB-A + USB-C power

With Cat 6 data assemblies

UDesk - Switched

Under Desk PDU with Individually fused

Power Switched UK outlets, 2 or 4 ports

Icon-Link Range

2, 3, 4, 6 UK Sockets, 

With 3.15A resettable thermal fuses


Additional Services:

Additional Services & Accessories:

Installation Assistance


On-site Install

Call for details - 0345 899 5010

Cable Accessories


Power Cables (for Desk units)

Network Cables CAT5/CAT6


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