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KVM Choice: *NEW* Products

Checkout our *NEW* Products & highlights from our top manufacturer brands


Here at KVM Choice we always find new ways to make purchasing the latest and best Computer Control Equipment an easier process. Accessing our site online can make your life a whole lot easier from a few simple clicks to the checkout on site or calling us directly to order over the phone.


*'NEW* Products by Manufacturer :   


The DKX4-101 is Raritan’s highest performing KVM-over-IP switch, provides a new level of Ultra HD 4K performance for remote access and management.

Bundles: DKX4 + DKX4-UST | DKX4 + DKX3-UST


The DKX4 User Station is a new optional self-contained appliance for 4K high performance IP access to servers connected to a DKX4 or DKX3.

Predecessor: DKX3-UST (1080p HD @30 FPS)


Economical KVM-over-IP for SMBs. Raritan’s LX II KVM-over-IP switches give 1 or 2 remote users and one local user, Java-free, BIOS-level access & control of 8 or 16 servers. (Expandable to 256 Servers).

Options: 8 Port | 16 Port | 2 remote IP users

Secure KVMs

'RSS' desktop access solution for guarding against cyber intrusion for government and military agencies, PSS PP v3.0 Compliant. High res 4K video, with Multi-level Physical and Logical Security.

Options: 2 Port | 4 Port | 2 Port CAC | 4 Port CAC


SmartSensors are comprehensive environmental sensors, engineered to facilitate easy deployment while providing the most accurate data and insight to the operation.



Secure KVM with superior usability, featuring configurable LED buttons, a real-time status display, and NIAP PP 4.0. security compliance.

Secure Accessories

- Secure Remote Control Unit

- Secure Port Expander

- Secure Card Reader


The ADDERLink 4000 Series 4K IP KVM is the world's first dual-head, high performance 4K IP KVM extender over a single fiber.


The ALIF3000 IP KVM Extender delivers real-time access to unlimited physical and virtual machines (VM) from a single human-machine.


So many uses from extender to IP access KVM switching, the IPEPS Plus is a powerful and flexible KVM over IP Switch.


The 101T is a High Performance ZeroU™ IP KVM dongle for extension or matrix of video.

Models: DVI | HDMI | DisplayPort


High performance KVM, Supporting Single or dual-head HD60 video, Point-to-point protocol, ultra-low latency.

Dual Head | Quad Head | 4K


Control suite which transforms ALIF extenders into a digital matrix solution.

IP KVM Matrix (AIM)


Rack mountable PDU / PSU, with a 12V30W redundant power supply.

8 port | 16 port | Dual Power


CS1822 & CS1824

4K IP KVM offering effortless management of HDMI interface computers, supporting the most superior video quality, optimizes user experience of multitasking.

(USB 3.0 4K HDMI KVMP™ Switch with Audio) 2 / 4 port option


Portable Laptop USB KVM console adapter designed specifically for frustrated mobile IT managers. It is the perfect crash cart replacement that turns your laptop into a KVM console.        * Crash Cart Adaptor *

CL3108 & CL3116

Short-depth LCD KVM Switch offers a space-saving, streamlined approach to KVM switch technology by integrating a keyboard, 18.5" LED-backlit LCD monitor, and a touchpad in a 1U rack-mountable sliding housing. 


Short-depth LCD KVM Console with dual rail, featuring an 18.5" LED-backlit widescreen LCD monitor with an integrated keyboard and touchpad. The short-depth design fits all 19" equipment cabinets / shallow racks.


Professional Online UPS providing emergency power to a load when the input power source fails, high current AC-to-DC batter charger/rectifier, designed to run continuously.

Options: 1000VA | 1500VA | 2000VA | 3000VA

KA Switches

IP Console User Stations enabling users to remotely access, monitor and control all servers connected to multiple (Aten) KVM over IP switches* with impenetrable security against virus threats. 


VP Switches

Presentation switch that integrates a video matrix switch and multiple other features like converter functions. Easily mountable under tables or in racks.

Models: VP1920 | VP2730 | VP1421 | VP1420 | VP2120


The CN9600 is a cost-efficient DVI IP KVM Switch. Allowing remote access of digital video, audio and virtual media via remote control of a PC/workstation.

Options: CN9600 (Switch) | CN9600-KIT (Bundle)

Secure KVMs

Secure KVM Switches, specifically designed to meet all security requirements being PSS PP v3.0 Compliant. Providing isolation between computer sources and peripherals.


Ultra-Slim Multiport Dock with Power Pass - through, one-step total upgrade for your laptop that provides multiple extra expansion capabilities.


Rewireable IEC LOCK+ C13

Unique Locking system where the IEC Female will lock onto almost any standard Plug securely to prevent accidental disconnection

C13 Lockable Outlet

The brand new IEC Locking Outlets, Snap-in mounting from front with solder terminal or quick connect from single terminal

Rewireable Angled C13

Specially designed for limited space environments & fully loaded racks yet still preventing accidental disconnection

LEFT / RIGHT (Switchable Angles)

Rewireable Angled C13

Specially designed for limited space environments & fully loaded racks yet still preventing accidental disconnection

UP / DOWN (Switchable Angles)

Vertical Rack mount PDU's with IEC Locking Sockets, both 16A & 32A with removable sockets - compatible with new C13 outlets: IECL-BTSC13/LB00B


4K - UHD Video Wall

UltraVista 4K (UHD) Video Image Processor is a state of the art tool for creating multiple screen video displays.

4K@60 - UHD Video Wall

The UltraVista 4K60 is a versatile and cost effective 4K video wall controller, for multiple panel displays & projectors.

RackView: Sideways

You'll be impressed with this Ultra high resolution, 24" LCD widescreen KVM console drawer with full PIP functionality. Available in Left or Right.

UltraVista Pro: Video Wall

The UltraVista Pro Image Processing Video Wall is a state of the art tool for creating multiple screen video displays, with a Modular output system.

Vista: 4K - KVM Switch

Desktop KVM Switch with 4K Ultra-HD video and USB 2.0 sharing, dedicated multi platform capable of managing 4 computers. Available in HDMI or DP.

QuadraVista: 4K Multiviewer

The QuadraVista HDMI-4K60 is a multifunction Digital Video Switch & Controller, processing a mix of digital video inputs on single or quad-screen.

CrystalView: Optical Cables

The CrystalView Active Optical Cable extends your digital video display at 4K60 with 10-bit HDR, with no external power supply needed - HDMI or DP.

MultiVideo Switches

The MultiVideo switch is ideal for switching dual and quad-head computer digital video sources simultaneously to remote monitors...



KVM Extender, 2-Port DVI Ports, 2-Port CAT5/6, dual head DVI-D, 1920×1200 & USB 2.0 full KVM extension on one system


UHD HDMI splitter with UHD Scaler, reliably distributes 1 HDMI source to 2 displays, with an integrated strong video scaling engine


4K ULTRA HD 4-Port, Dual OR Quad Head HDMI (4K/60Hz) Ultra-HD KVM switch with USB 2.0 and audio support


HDMI VideoWall Processor, Powerful, Compact and Easy to Use can be controlled from anywhere through web browser

EZW-UH Series

Ultra HD Video Wall Processors with 4K Resolution (3840×2160@60Hz)