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KVM Choice: *NEW* Products, Highlights, & Updates

Checkout the latest New Products, Highlights & Updates from our top manufacturer brands


Here at KVM Choice we always find new ways to make purchasing the latest and best Computer Control Equipment an easier process. Accessing our site online can make your life a whole lot easier from a few simple clicks to the checkout on site or calling us directly to order over the phone.



Highlights & New Products by Manufacturer : 


RARITAN - PX4 Power Distribution Units



*NEW* Raritan Products

Meeting Room Controller (PXO)

PXO-line - Remote power control and power distribution and control, compact, intelligent Part Number: PXO-2401CR

Smart Rack Controller (SRC)

Control Environmental Sensors/Monitoring, Monitor Locks, Manage Assets & more (SRC Range)

Recent / Highlights:

DKX4-101 (4K IP KVM)

Raritan’s highest performing IP KVM, a new level of Ultra HD 4K performance for remote access & control

DKX4-UST (4K User Box)

4K high performance IP access user station for  DKX4 or DKX3

Predecessor: DKX3-UST (HD@30hz)




*NEW* Adder Products


Desktop Multi-Viewer Switch

Provides simultaneous, real-time 4K video and KVM access of up to eight computers from a single workstation

ADDERLink® Ipeps Mini

ZeroU 4K IP KVM (Remote Access)

Enables computer access from anywhere in the world, securely and remotely. (HDMI, DisplayPort or VGA)

HDMI | DisplayPort | VGA

ADDERLink® INFINITY 2000 Series

Dual-head digital video, audio, USB2.0 over 1GbE IP network, Transmitter & Receiver.

ALIF2102T | ALIF2102R | ALIF2102P

ADDERLink® XD600

High performance KVM, Supporting Single or dual-head HD60 video, Point-to-point protocol, ultra-low latency.

Dual Head | Quad Head | 4K


Desktop Secure KVM Switches

Superior usability, LED buttons, real-time display, NIAP PP 4.0. security compliance.

KVM: DVI | DP/HDMI | Multiviewer: DVI


IP KVM Matrix (AIM)

Control suite which transforms ALIF extenders into a digital matrix solution. ASP-001


Power Distribution Unit

Rack mountable PDU / PSU, with a 12V30W redundant power supply.

8 port | 16 port | Dual Power




*NEW* Aten Products

KX9970 (5K IP KVM)

DisplayPort KVM over IP, Receiver & Transmitter supporting 5K Superior video

Models: KX9970R | KX9970T

US3312 (Cable KVM)

Ideal for hybrid work challenges with this 2 port 4K - USB-C KVM


Professional Online UPS providing emergency power to a load when the input power source fails, high current AC-to-DC batter charger/rectifier, designed to run continuously.

Options: 1000VA | 1500VA | 2000VA | 3000VA

VP Switches

Presentation switches that integrate video matrix and multiple other features like converter functions. Easily mountable under tables or in racks.

VP1920 | VP2730 | VP1421 | VP1420 | VP2120

More NEW Products from ATEN


Recommended Aten Products

CV211CP (CrashCart Adaptor)

Portable Laptop USB/KVM console adapter, Crash cart replacement that turns your laptop into a KVM console.

CS1822/24 (4K Desktop KVM)

4K KVMP™ effortless management of HDMI interface computers, optimizes user experience multitasking 




*NEW* IECLock Products

DUAL Locking C13/C14

Lengths: 1m, 1.5m, 2m, 3m

Colours: Black

DUAL Locking C19/C20

Lengths: 1m, 2m, 3m

Colour: Black

Rewireable Angled C13

Specially designed for limited space environments LEFT / RIGHT

Rewireable Angled C13

Specially designed for limited space environments UP / DOWN






*NEW* Rose Products

RackView: Sideways

You'll be impressed with this Ultra high resolution, 24" LCD widescreen KVM console drawer with full PIP functionality. Available in Left or Right.

UltraVista Pro: Video Wall

The UltraVista Pro Image Processing Video Wall is a state of the art tool for creating multiple screen video displays, with a Modular output system.








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