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AV Choice

Total Control in AV: Broadcasting, Control Room, Medical, Classroom...


AV Solutions, For all your Audio/Visual, Putting you in control

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AV is moving into the Digital world and now blends into the computer control area. However the big difference is the interest area of the communications. This AV Choice Section brings you an easier navigation to the parts that we feel are particularly interesting for the AV sector concentrating on the highest quality VIDEO and AUDIO signals for distribution, conversion matrix control and more. With our technical networking specialist availble to assist you complex solutions can be made easy, manageable and secure.



*NEW* AV Products from ATEN:



UC3020 *NEW*

CAMLIVE™ is an HDMI UVC Video Capture device to send unencrypted HDMI video to your USB-C / Thunderbolt 3 laptop or smartphone with 1080@60hz

UC3022 *NEW*

The CAMLIVE™ PRO is designed to easily capture and mix the two connected 4K video sources in FHD format for livestream purpose with outstanding effects and quality.

UC9020 *NEW*

StreamLive™ HD All-in-one Multi-channel AV Mixer / Streaming encoder.

- Video Converter, Splitter & Audio Mixer



AV Products Range:

Shop by AV Solution:

AV & Matrix, Switches, Extenders, Splitters...

AV & Control Over-IP LAN       KVM

Add Transmitters and Receivers connected via a standard network switch


ATEN KE8900 Range

DVIGEAR DisplayNet Range


AV & Control Over IP LAN         KVM

Manageable systems 


AV over-IP devices allow audio and video signals to travel via IP - on the internet


Perfect Control Room Systems

 AV Over IP            LAN

Add transmitters & Receivers connected via

a standard network switch.


Aten VE-8950 4K Range

DVIGear DisplayNet 4K Range


AV Matrix Switches

Control Multiple sources to Multiple displays from a central control point with the ability to route any input to any output or to multiple outputs at any time.


AV Extenders: 




VGA ( Analogue )

All AV Extenders list

Transmitter and recievers to extend your Audio & Video signals over Cat5/6 or Fibre allowing connection to travel further distance yet maintaining quality

AV Switchers / Switches  


The ability to select any chosen source to switch onto your display

A range of switches from a variety of manufacturers

HDBaseT/4K Products


Highest grade Video Control, 4K Compatible 1 input 3 Output splitter chassis

AV Video Walls

An image output / created onto multiple

screens with matrix configuration providing maximum flexibility, Seamless switching

Video Extenders - All

DVI extenders

HDMI extenders

Display Port extenders


Equipment used to Extend Video signal allowing higher quality conection at greater distance

Video Splitters - All

VGA splitters

DVI splitters

HDMI splitters


Equipment that splits or broadcasts video signal from a single input source to multiple output screens

Video Switches

VGA switches

DVI switches

HDMI switches

The Selection of your chosen video source to the display, a range of switches from a variety of manufacturers

Video Wall


The Video Wall Switch allows multiple computer monitors / video projectors tiled together contiguously in order to form a single screen

SDI Products

SDI is a one-way, multiplexed protocol designed to carry the highest quality video, audio and metadata over a coaxial cable or fiber

AV Cables 

DVI Gear, ADDER, ATEN, Rose, 

All cables Page.


AV Installation Services

Solution and setup design Free for Telephone service.

With the latest broadcast equipment fantastic setups can be achieved with the minimum of disturbance to your site premises and remote IP technology.

Book a Site Survey available for larger systems and solution


AV Products:

Onsite Maintenance Services


UK Onsite Maintenance

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Shop for 'AV' by Manufacturer:

AV by: Raritan

Raritan's DKX4

4K KVM-over-IP Switch, Ultra HD, HDMI Video, USB Control, Java Free.

Raritans 'AV Solution'

The latest Generation of DVI HD KVM Extenders over Cat5. A total 'AV' Solution.


AV by: ATEN International:


Aten 'VM' Range (AV Matrix)

Video Wall Solutions, Modular Matrix Switches, Seamless Switches...

Aten AV Extenders & Receivers

HDBaseT, 4K, HDMI, Over IP, Scalable & Flexible digital signage: VE89 Series


AV by: Adder Technology

AdderView AV Pro Range

USB with VGA, DVI or DP, Single or multi-screen options, 2K/4K with True Emulation

AVX Switches

Faultless video quality, more KVM focused but provides exceptionally high video quaility


AV by: Smart-AVI



HDMI Matrix Switches

HDR, HDMI video matrix & matrix solutions, scalers & HD video processors

Smart-AVI Range

Specialist AV Equipment, which is globally recognized for professional AV integration



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