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Minkels is a knowledge-driven producer and worldwide supplier of high-quality solutions for data centre infrastructure, it handles its development, production and sales in-house. And is a leading European producer and global supplier of integrated solutions for datacenter monitoring...


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Minkels is not just a Rack Cabinet ?

Nexband Cabinets


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Nexband Server Cabinets


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The Nexpand server cabinet is perfectly suited for the installation of (blade) servers, switches, patch panels, routers and storage equipment. The cabinets are used to bring together IT equipment and the corresponding cables neatly in one place, cables off all sorts ranging : PDUsbusbar cables.... The server cabinet has everything to facilitate this in the best energy efficient and modular way. The cabinets are widely applicable and modular in structure.

The cabinet can be configured in varying heights, widths & depths, and are available in various types: A standard version, a version with side panels, airflow package and /or cable tray


Nexband Network Cabinets


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The amount of cabling in cabinets has increased considerable, cables off all sorts ranging from PDUs and busbar cables to the equipment cabling from within the rack. To be able to meet those changing needs, we have developed the Nexpand network cabinets with an optimized design. For example, the top-of-cabinet section contains more space to guide the cables through and the positioning of the entries is improved. Because of the modular inserts the cabinet provides optimal flexibility.


The Nexpand network cabinets are available in various types. A standard version, a version with side panels, airflow package and /or cable tray. Want to expand your Nexpand network cabinets with various accessories


Minkels Varicondition  EOL


- Free Standing Cold Aisle System


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Minkels Varicondition  EOL


- Next Generation Cold Aisle System


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Nexband Containment

Hot & Cold Aisle Corridors


Minkels offers Hot & Cold Nexpand Corridors. These ‘future-proof' solutions offer the flexibility and modularity which data center managers and owners need to be able to anticipate the dynamic of the modern day data center. .


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Aisle Containment Accessories 


Door systems

Panel Systems

Roof Systems

Panel Lighting.


Hot & Cold Aisle Corridores


X Minkels offer Both Hot and Cold Nexband Aisle Corridores.

Aisle Containments Accessories


Door Systems

Panel Systems

Roof Systems



About the Manufacturer

'Part of Legrand'


Minkels are part of the publicly traded company Legrand (NYSE Euronext Paris: LR) which is a knowledge driven manufacturer and global supplier of high quality solutions for data centre infrastructure. They specialise in Cold Corridor design.

KVM Choice are officially UK Authorised suppliers of Minkels products and our Minkels product range are warranted for sale and use in the UK, warranties fully supported by Legrand. Please check the warranty status due to Imports and tariffs for details contact Minkels/Legrand.