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iPower  - Intelligent Power Solutions:

UK Made & supported, High quality with 5 Year Warranty as standard.



Power Distributions Units

Remote Outlet Port Switching and Outlet level Monitoring - Vertical and Horizontal PDU's


IP3 Range

Horizontal PDU's


IP3 Range

Vertical PDU's


...Multiple port configurations available including custom intelligence - call for pricing and availability - CONTACT US


Power Distribution Units

Bar level Monitoring, Vertical and Horizontal...

iPower -  IPL  Range (Entry level bar level monitoring PDU's, UK Made - high quality build and 5 year warranty )



IPL-001 Range

iPower Horizontal 12 Way 1U PDU's

16 Amp

32 Amp

IPL-002 Range

iPower Horizontal 14 Way 2U PDU's

- 16 Amp

- 32 Amp

IPL-003 Range

iPower Vertical 14 Way 0U PDU's

16 Amp

32 Amp

IPL-004 Range

ipower Vertical 28 Way 0U PDU's

16 Amp

32 Amp

IPL-005 Range

iPower Vertical 42 Way 0U PDU's

32 Amp


iPower's Range of slim PDU's

(Checkout the range)

IPN Range

iPower Horizontal 20 Way 2U PDU's

32 Amp

IP-AT Range

iPower Horizontal 1U ATS Units

(Checkout the range)

ATS - Automatic Transfer Switch units


Dual input protection with intelligent output

Dual 32A IND309 - 4 x 16A C20's

Dual 16A C19 - 10 x C13's


More configurations available  

ATS - Direct port

Direct input protection high speed switch over 

Dual 32A IND309 - Single 32A 309 Socket

Dual 16A IND309 - Single 16A 309 Socket





Power Monitoring

Devices & Software


Power Monitoring Device

iPower Single Phase, 1M Power Monitoring device (UK Plug)

REM-100-1A-01 (Can be built into PDU)


Environmental Monitoring Sensors

ipower Temperature & Humidity Sensors

IPT-500-100 (Temperature Only)

IPT-500-200 (Temperature & Humidity)


Power Monitoring Software

iPower device monitoring software

'Available in all Smart iPower PDU'S'

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About the manufacturer

'Power Solutions'

IPower provide power solutions ranging from passive monitoring units to active power products including PDU’s, the range are custom built and manufactured in the UK. All products are manufactured to the highest standards and approvals, all units come with a 5 year return to base warranty.


...Also ask us about inline monitoring and DCM, Call us today on: 0345 899 5010