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ATEN: Access from home solutions (IP Products link)  

Other usefull links for Home Working - Docking Stations, Home Desk KVM Switch 4 Port, 2 Port

* ATEN are promoting their range of Over-IP solutions to assist with the transition to home working, enabling remote connections to computers that have to remain in the workplace, therefore maintaining operation and critical services. Select your solution today. *


ATEN Control:

KVM & Serial Console Enterprise level

D-IP KVM (KG Range)

Digital KVM-over-IP OmniBus Gateway

Ports: 16 or 32 (Unlimited users)

KG: Extras



SFPs: 10G multi mode or single

IP  KVM Switch

(ATEN KN Range)

Single PC (Local & Remote Access)

Updated Models (VA)

Computer Ports: 8 | 16 | 24 | 32 | 40 | 64

Compatible with Aten CC2000 Mangement

*Contact us for Special Project Pricing on KN & KE Switches*

IP KVM Matrix System

(Aten KE Range) 

Extenders Transmitters & Receivers

A Centralised Matrix Control Solution

DVI  |  HDMI  |  DisplayPort

Also See:
CCKM - KE Matrix Management Software

IP Serial Console Server

(Aten SN Range)

Secure Network Device Access

3-in-1 Single Power

Standard Dual Power (CO)

Dual DC Power (COD)

Compatible with Aten CC2000 Management

Local/Remote IP KVM

(Aten CN Range)

Single Device/Computer

Cost-efficient, Remote Access KVM with local & remote connection options

VGA  |  DVI  |  DisplayPort

KVM Console Drawers

1U All-In-One

With KVM Switches

KVM Drawers with Cat5  Switches

KVM Drawers with IP Access

IP KVM Console Station





Local UTP Cat 5 KVM Switches 

(KH Series)

RJ45 Switch Units

RJ45 Computer Adaptors & Cables

Rack Mount KVM Switches

Standard cable direct connection

8 Port  |  16 Port



KVM Extenders

KVM Connection at a distance over UTP


ATEN Desktop KVM:

Desk Top & Office Switches

Aten Secure KVM Switch

(PSS PP v4.0 Compliant)

DVI  |  HDMI  |  DP  |  Dual Display


4K KVMP Switches 

Video DynaSync

Effortless management

Superior video quality



Basic Desk Top KVM Switches

2 Port  |  4 Port

Great function & value

USB KVM Switches



Digital Video KVM Switches

DVI Digital Video

Display port Video


Cost Effective Cable KVMs

2 Port & 4 Port Options




Multiscreen KVM Switches

DVI Dual View


Multifuction KVM Switches

Switches for KVM + Ethernet



KVM Sharer

2 or 4 Users of one PC



Meeting Room Solutions



Compact Control

Compact Control Box (VK1100)

Standard Control Box (VK2100)



ATEN Power:

PDUs, UPS, Power Solutions

Power Control & Monitoring PDU's

Horizontal 19" PDU's 

 - Energy Entry Range 

Data Centre PDU's

(with built in Software)

PDU Bar level Monitoring

PDU Outlet level Monitoring


*UPS Bundles Deals*


UPS Accessories:

Additional Battery  |  SNMP Card


By Size: 

1000VA  |  1500VA  |  2000VA  |  3000VA


ATEN Software

Management and Monitoring Software


KVM, Serial & PDU Management

Centralized Management Software provides IT industry teams with a comprehensive solution.


Video Recording Software

Live monitoring and operation backtracking. Control Center Video session Recording.


Matrix Manager Software

Providing IT administrators with tools to centralize the control and management of KE6900 / KE6940.


Monitors NRGence PDUs

Eco DC measures the Dynamic Rack Cooling Index (RCI) and Return Temperature Index (RTI).



Video Switches, Splitters & Extenders 

Video Switches

Select and Switch Video and Audio

AV Matrix Bundles - (HDBaseT)

Video Wall Solution - ('VM' Range)

Video Splitters

VGA and DVI avaliable

Video Extenders

Extension of video only

VGA / Audio Cat 5 Extenders

AV Presentation Switch *NEW*

4K Presentation

Multi-in-one presentation switches Matrix's


True 4K 8-Port HDMI Switch



4-Port True 4K HDMI Switch


ATEN Adapters:

Adapters & Dongles

Adapters Range 'VC9'

Connect your device’s DP output to the input of a TV or other display... 

- Also available: HDMI to VGA Adapter

DP Adapters Range

DP to VGA Adapter / Mini DP

DP to DVI Adapter / Mini DP

DP to HDMI Adapter / Mini DP

Adapters and Cables KA Series

Adaptors KA Series

Full Range of Cables


Laptop USB KVM Crash Cart Adapter

'Turns your laptop into a KVM console'


Also see:


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