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Smart-AVI Featured Categories

HDMI Extenders, Splitters, and Switches

HDMI Extenders / Transmitters

- SmartAVI HDX

Splitter/Extender Transmitter

HDX-400 ( innovative solution )

DVI-D, USB Keyboard, Mouse, RS-232 & Audio Extender


HDMI Matrix Switch

- Smart-AVI HDR 4x4

- Smart-AVI HDR 8x8

- Smart-AVI HDR 16x16

HDMV 4 Port HD Multiviewer Real-Time Switch/Share


 6 port video switcher

- SmartAVI V2V-Max

Newly Featured Products

HDMI KVM Matrix / Video Wall & Signage

4K HDMI Matrix Switch

MXU-88-S PLUS (8x8)

MXU88-S (8x8)

MU88-S (8x8)


- DVI-I & HDMI Video Wall Controller with 4K

SaviSign P100 Pro

4K Wi-Fi digital signage player, with SaviSign Manager software


- HD video wall processor & matrix switch 4-8 HDMI

MXWall-Pro KVM Matrix (64x64)

- Expandable HDMI video wall and matrix solution with scaler, storage & multiple modes


- Wall mountable 7' Touch-screen panel. Energy efficient with consumption monitoring capabilties

DVI-D switches & local CAT5 Matrix

Pro AV Solutions

HD Video DVI-D Switches 

- DV-SW2S (2 port) - DV-SW4S (4 port)

- DV-SW8S (8 port) - DV-SW16S (16 port)

AV HD CAT5 Matrix Router

HDTV VGA Router (8×8)

KVM & KM Switches

IPGARD Secure Switches & Multi-platform KVMs

Secure KVM Switches

- DVI-I Dual / DP-DP / DP-HDMI

- NIAP 3.0 certified & Anti-tamper

Secure KM Switches

- 4 Port / 8 Port

- NIAP 3.0 certified & Anti-tamper

DVI Quad-head KVM

4 Port DVI KVM (4 x 4)

- 4K Support & HD resolution

DisplayPort Quad-head KVM

4 Port DP KVM (4 x 4)

- 4K Support & HD resolution

About the manufacturer

Smart Audio Video Innovation


Specialist AV Equipment SmartAVI, Inc. is a globally recognized manufacturer of professional audio and video integration technologies. SmartAVI tailors its products to address the needs of system integrators and users to distribute, extend, and switch a variety of signals within a specific location.

SmartAVI's product line consist of video switches, splitters, converters, extenders (video, USB, HDBaseT, fiber, infrared), multiviewers, large and small scale matrixes, digital signage and video wall systems, as well as DVI, HDMI, and KVM solutions. The company is comprised of engineers, technicians, office administrators, and sales representatives to ensure only the most reliable products are offered while providing superior customer service.

SmartAVI Promise All SmartAVI customers will be treated in a friendly and professional matter All SmartAVI products have been carefully tested for maximum and reliable performance All SmartAVI products are covered by a one year warranty All SmartAVI products will be delivered in a timely manner depending on stock status All inquiries will be responded within 1 - 2 business days. SmartAVI, Inc. is a privately-held company, located in the US - California.