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DataCentre Infrastructure Management


Data Centre Infrastructure Management is a broad term and the expansion of the services DCIM software can offer has led to some confusion. The purpose of DCIM is to give data centre operators the ability to run efficient data centre operations. It can provide the ability to better manage: assets, change and capacity. DCIM software also enables power monitoring, environmental monitoring and energy management. We have different products available at KVM Choice to best meet the different needs you may have, whether that’s managing power, Centralizing Access or allocating space and planning connectivity


Sunbird - Power IQ [DCIM Power monitoring software]

Power IQ®

Sunbird's DCIM Monitoring Software, Power IQ® enables data centre and facility managers to closely monitor and efficiently utilize their existing data centre power infrastructure. Data centre health maps, power analytics, cooling charts, and reports provide the tools to alert you to potential trouble and understand real-time power load, trends, and capacity at all levels of infrastructure. A configurable dashboard provides vendor agnostic views of power capacity, environmental health, and energy consumption.



Developed and supported by Sunbird

Raritan - Command Center  [Centralized Gateway to your IT Infrastructure]

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CommandCenter® Secure Gateway Centralized Gateway to your IT Infrastructure. Secure, single sign-on to a single IP address for managing all of Raritan’s Dominion® KVM-over-IP switches, SX Console servers, PX Intelligent PDUs, and physical and virtual servers. In addition, third party devices such as embedded service processors and remote access software are supported.

Centralized Authentication, Authorization and Logging. Support for LDAP, AD®, RADIUS and TACACS+ in addition to local authentication and authorization capabilities. Access and control based on user-customizable criteria like time of day, location, application, operating system, department and function. Consolidated logging and audit trail.


Sunbird - dcTrack


dcTrack® Sunbird's dcTrack® DCIM Operations Software is an award-winning, easy-to-use data centre infrastructure management (DCIM) solution that provides real-time information about your power, networks and IT equipment. It offers a visual mapping of your infrastructure and helps you to manage the physical provisioning of IT equipment, improve capacity planning, and keep track of data centre space, power, data connectivity, and their relationships to IT equipment, applications, and services.




eco Sensors -ATEN Energy Management Software

ATEN Power Management eco Sensors Energy Management Software. eco Sensors software has been developed to work with ATEN’s new generation of PE series green energy power distribution units (PDUs) to effectively increase the efficiency of data center power usage. With the use of dynamic Rack Cooling Index (RCI) and Return Temperature Index (RTI) by zone, eco Sensors software, in conjunction with sensor-enabled eco PDUs, gives you the means to assess, diagnose and estimate how much energy you can save.

Adder KVM-over-IP devices provide the ability to control large numbers of host computers from remote locations. When controlling larger groups of dispersed computers using numerous KVM-over-IP devices, the major challenge becomes one of management – retaining active control over a complex mix of devices, host computers and registered users. ADDER.NET has been developed as a common interface to help you to remotely manage any number of KVM-over-IP devices together with all of their connected host computers and the access rights of the users.



Packet Power

Making it easy to understand why you use as much electricity as you do. Our wireless monitoring devices deliver highly accurate power and environmental monitoring data.  We provide a complete range of power monitoring solutions that encompasses everything from device to mains circuit-level monitoring.  Our environmental solutions track temperature, relative humidity, differential pressure and dry contact data.  All monitoring devices instantly begin to share information via a self-configuring wireless network as soon as they are plugged in. Energy usage information is then gathered for use by our intuitive applications or for distribution to a wide variety of energy monitoring systems.   Packet Power offers a quick, cost-effective way to Know Your Power