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KVM Choice are officially UK Authorised suppliers of Mcab products and our Mcab products are warranted for sale and use in the UK, warranties fully supported by Mcab. Please check the warranty status of low cost imports which may have warranty issues.


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Pro Server Cabinets

Award Winning DataCentre 'Pro Range' Server Racks, fully assembled, high quality, 1500kg rated

Vented Front & Rear Doors,

Server Rack Depth 1000 - 1200

Height Options: 27U | 42U | 48U


Network Rack Depth 600 - 800

Height Options : 27U   42U   48U


Pro Network Cabinets

Great for networking purposes, vented roof, tinted front glass, steel back

Height Options: 18U/27U/42U/48U

Glass Door & Solid Metal Rear

Call for Pricing



Network Rack Depth 600 - 800

Height Options: 27U  42U  48U


Pro Range Space Saving

3 INTO 2 Server Racks 

3 x 19" Racks fitted into the space of only 2 800 Wide rack doors. Space saving

42U 1600Wide  X 1000 Deep


Pro Mini Cabinet

Mini Racks for Computers & Hot Equipment

Fitting equiment under desk, 

Pro Colo Cabinets 

Split Section Server Racks,

Fully assembled or flat pack options, mesh doors, 1500 Kg rated


Vented Front & Rear Doors,

Available 1000 - 1200mm deep


Colo Options: Dual Section | Quad Section

Entry Level Server Cabinets

Cost effective 'Entry Level' server racks, flat pack optional, high quality, 600kg rated


Vented Front & Rear Doors,

Available 600 - 1000mm deep


Height Options: 18U | 27U | 42U | 47U

Entry Level Network Cabinets

Cost effective Entry Level Racks

flat pack options, high quality 600kg rated


Glass Front Door Metal Rear

Network Wall Cabinets 

Wall Box Options.

MCAB bespoke high security access system

Smart-lock handles, Enline units and Management Software

MCB-SLOCK-H001 (Remote Access)

MCAB's Standard Handle with remote IP access as well as Enline end of row control

- Compatible with Enline Keypad

- Designed for end-of-row solution

MCB-SLOCK-H002 (Smartcard & PIN)

Combining a personal identification number (PIN) with a RFID smartcard (High or Low FREQ)

- Dual-factor authentication

- Tri-colour LED with visual feedback

MCB-SLOCK-H003 (Bio & Smartcard)

Combining upto three of your own digital finger prints associated with a RFID smartcard

- Dual-factor authentication

- Biometrics with anti-counterfeiting


Giving you the ability to control the access of upto 64 different handles

- Tri-factor authentication

- The 'most secure' Solution

Mcab Accessories: Controls Systems

Systems to power, connect and control...


- Delivers physical access control to mission critical IT cabinets with upto 9500 users


- Distributes fail-safe signals & power from a single controller to upto 64 units


- RFID Card Reader capable of creating/managing RFID SmartCards


- These allow secure rack assess to an individual user for dual authentication


- Contact closures for the S-Lock range of high quality electronic secure locking handles


- DAS Server/Client Software & Licence for connection to units. Including Scanner

Mcab Accessories:

(Physical Accessories)

Rack Shelves

- MCAB also provide a variety of different rack shelves in various sizes, see below:



- Cantilever Shelves (15kg)

Standard Vented Shelves (50kg)

- Heavy Duty Vented Shelves (100kg)

- Adjustable Shelves (50kg)

Telescopic Shelves (45kg)


- Stainless steel heavy duty casters made to take upto 750Kg (Pack of 4) with easy screw on fit


For any other Requirements or Assistance,

- Please Contact Us.

'Quality Enclosures UK Made'

Mcab Cabinets & Server Racks are primary designed for use in the data centre however, the range of wall cabinets have a variety of use, although most racks are mainly designed to hold servers; acoustic racks, network racks and wall cabinets are designed to hold other components too, such as Networking equipment, (Network racks) Telecommunication equipment, (Wall Cabinets) Cooling systems, & also UPS. Mcab enclosures are designed and built in the UK from high quality British steel. 


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