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KVM Choice are officially UK Authorised suppliers of Fujitsu products and our Fujitsu products are warranted for sale and use in the UK, warranties fully supported by Fujitsu UK. Please check the warranty status of low cost imports which may have warranty issues, for details contact Fujitsu. 


Fujitsu Featured Categories

High Security Palm Secure 

Special development opportunities for secure access projects:

Contact us for details:

Fujitsu PalmSecure Access control

- PalmSecure biometric palm scanning access


Fujitsu KVM Switches and Extenders - Industrial grade

VGA, PS2, SUN, 8MCC...

KVM Switches

- 4 Port 

- 8 port

- 16 Port

( VGA / PS2 / SUN / 8MCC )

KVM Extenders

- KVM Extenders

- KVM only

- KVM Serial & Audio

( VGA / PS2 / SUN / 8MCC )

Fujitsu KVM Drawers, Cables, and Accessories - Industrial grade

Secure LCD Kvm Console Drawers and VGA, PS2, SUN Cables..

KVM Drawer

- 17" Rack Console

- 17" Drawer only

- 17" with 8 Port Switch

- 17" with 16 Port Switch

KVM Accessories and Cables

- Switch to PC Cables

- Rack Mount Kits

Fujitsu Special Products: PALM SECURE - BIOMETRIC ACCESS

Specialist Biometric Security 

Biometric computer Login

PalmSecure Mouse with built in automatic palm scanner technology 

- Call us for details 0345 899 5010

Biometric Entry Devices

- Specialist adaption and custom requirements; rack, door entry etc.

- Call us for details 0345 899 5010

Fujitsu Older Models: CLEARANCE and DISCONTINUED models:

Reduced price and discounted models

KVM Switches

PS2 & Sun 8MMC User Switches

- 8 port Special Offer clearance

PS2 & Sun USB User Switches

KVM Extenders

- FE1000 Range Compact Extender

FE2000 Range Serial/USB/PS2

KVM Extender set - B713 * Offers *

KVM Console Drawers 

FD-1000 Range 15"

FD-5100 Range 17"

FD-5200 Range 17"


Access over IP Products


- IP Access to a serial port with Full administrator or controlled user access

KVM Cables & Adaptors

Fujitsu Standard D15 - KVM Cables

Fujitsu Server Connection FX-8000

UTP Matrix KVM Switch System 

- FX-8000 Series

- KVM Solid local 8 User to 32 Server

Switch / User Station / Connection Modules FX-8000