FJ-NC14011-B181/UR Fujitsu FX-8032MM MultiUser System UTP 8 x 32 KVM Switch Unit ( Fujitsu FX-8000 Series ) UXGA or XGA Video Quality on UTP MATRIX KVM

Fujitsu FS-8032MM UTP Switch System Base Unit


Fujitsu FX-8032MM MultiUser System Fujitsu SERVIS has the answer to allow multiple users to access large numbers of servers from upto 300 Mtrs away directly and out of band. The ideal alternative route allowing greater network reliability, availability, and serviceability, while saving space and reducing your network or systems. Also giving super UXGA ( 1600 x 1200 ) Video Quality over UTP on a Matrix KVM Switch. Fujitsu’s adds an all Cat5, multi-user KVM switch to its SERVIS system product line for enterprise server rooms, data centres and broadcast facilities. The new KVM switch reduces equipment costs and provides space efficient, centralised server management by allowing multiple users independent or simultaneous shared access to any attached computers keyboard, video and mouse, regardless of platform. The FS-8000 series switch series consists of a KVM Main unit, a User Console Unit and a Server Unit (versions, subject to server connection), It allows up to 8 remote users (including 1 local user) to access up to 32 servers over Cat5 UTP cabling between the Main Unit and the User Console Unit. It is expandable up to 512 servers by cascading Fujitsu’s 16 port multi KVM switches The series supports PS/2, USB, SUN MD8 and SUN USB server interfaces at the user console unit, as well as keyboard hot-key switching and on-screen display. The 1U main unit measures 437(W) x 230(D) x 43(H) mm and is RoHS compliant. To ensure secure server access, the FS-8000 series features user-name and password authentication. For increased protection, the product features password-verified user access for each server controlled. In addition to the new FS-8000 series Multi-User KVM switch, Fujitsu SERVIS system product line includes analog, serial and IP KVM switches, console drawers and Cat5 extenders for flexible network connectivity solutions.



- Multi-User Access Control
- Efficient system management with simultaneous multi-user access and multi-platform support.
- Up to 512 servers can be shared by 8 users with Fujitsu’s 16 port Multi-KVM cascade connection.

- Multi-Platform support
- Supports PS/2, PC USB, Sun Mini-Din 8 pin and Sun USB systems

- Console operation port available in each Main unit and User Console unit
- Main Unit PS/2
- User console unit PS/2 & USB

- Superior graphic support
- Supports up to UXGA (1600 x 1200)
- Auto colour adjustment function, manual detail setting via keyboard is also available
- Superior graphic support for Broadcasting, CAD, DTP systems

- Cat5 Extender between Main unit and User console unit.
- Up to 300m extension for XGA (1024 x 768), SXGA (1280 x 1024)
- Up to 200m extension for UXGA (1600 x 1200)

- Secured Access Control
- User ID can be set for each server that will be accessed
- Each user ID authentication is controlled by password

- Save space & cost
- Cat5-based cabling system (Cat5E/6 UTP straight type)
- Main unit is 1U

- Works over IP
- User console unit connected with NC14008-B032RS R provides IP access

- RoHS compliant

Fujitsu FS-8032 Switch Setup


Number of server connections – Max. 32Units( Max. number in cascaded connection with Fujitsu’s 16 port KVM 512 Units
Shared Users- Max. 8 Users Including the local console access port
Selection Method – OSD Display ( hot key mode ) Selection

KVM Main Unit
Server Ports – For server unit connections RJ45X 32 CN’s
User Ports – For users to Console connections RJ45X 8 CN’s
User Ports ( For local KVM console access ) 2 x PS2 MCC 6pin Females, 1 x VGA HD15 Female.
Maintenance Port- Mini D-Sub 9 pin Male x 1CN

Distance between main switch unit and server unit – Less than 10 Mtr
Distance between main unit and User Console unit – UXGA: Max 200Mtr, SXGA/XGA: Max 300 Mtr.
Monitor Resolution( Refresh rate )- UXGA: 1600 x 1200 ( Max) AT 60 Hz etc.
Monitor PnP- VESA DDC2

Power :–
( Main Unit ) AC100-240V 50/60Hz 1.5/0.8 A (ac)
( User Unit ) 5V DV 1.5A
( Server Unit ) 5V DC 0.3A

Operating Temperature - 5-35 Degrees C at 20-65% RH ( non condensing)
Storage Temperature - 0-55 Degrees C at 20-65% RH ( non condensing)
Distribution Europe – Mediatron UK

( Main Unit ) 440 x 332 x 38mm / 4.0 KG
( User Unit ) 195 x 155 x 42mm / 1.0 KG
( Server Unit ) 45 x 95 x 21mm / 4.0 KG

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