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KVM Choice: Broadcast & Control Centre

Kvm Matrix, Switches, Video Wall, Access & AV Solutions

Broadcast and Control Room Products

The control room has two main challenges bringing in the different Control signals Video at the best resolution to a central point, then controlling the multiple screens and information in an easy operation for the users.  On top of this reliability is vital and security or redudancy can be built in. Call us for details of the new methods which make this challenging area far simpler. 

Digital Video KVM Local IP Matrix (Including 4K+)

Adder iNFINITY Matrix Solutions

Aten KE 6900 Range


- Raritan DKX4 

Raritan DKX3 Range

Adder DDX Switch

- Aten KE 8900 Range

- Adder XDIP

REMOTE IP - KVM Digital KVM Switches

Raritan Dominion KX3

Or IP User access to Matrix system





Analogue Video KVM  Matrix

Raritan Paragon

Raritan DKX3 or Raritan DKX2

Rose Extensys



AV Matrix - Solutions 4K/2K

Smart-e AV Matrix

Smart E  - 4K Matrix

Adder AV Matrix



Digital Video Extenders

Adder DSP 4K

Adder Infinity DVI

Aten KE Range

Raritan RAV-IP

Smart-e 4K

All DVI Extenders

All HDMI Extenders


Multi screen Desk Top KVM Switches

Multi Video DVI-D

All Multivideo Switches

KM Switch - 4 Set Cross over flow mouse control


Adder CCS-PRO4

HSL K304



Desk Access ports


Vertical Power Dock

On / In desk sockets

- Custom Requirements


From experience video and data signals can be often be effected by going from one device to another and this is especially the case the more demanding your requirements become i.e. higher quality digital or analogue video, fully controlled or auto optimized video resolutions levels.  If some devices block signals or do not allow another device to auto change this will affect the end video or communications result. Therefore with any multi device solutions we recommend either sticking to the chosen manufacturers own tested parts set or if adding multi brands testing, or allow us to test  first, before ordering or buying anything. This can be expensive equipment to soil as once used it becomes second hand, once a system is then decided on this allows the compatible smaller parts to be chosen correctly like the convertors, adaptors and cables before installing anything. Please speak to us or supply a drawing of your desired plan or requirement before taking the plunge.

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