Raritan DKX2-101 Dominion II version of KX-101 IP (KXII 101) Access and KVM control to a single Computer or device. Allows PoE ( Power over ethernet ) Also Supports Virtual Media, Local Access and serial output control.

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Special offer on limited stock only. Raritan Dominion KX2-101 Switchless, Scalable,Single-Target KVM Control via Web Browser. Supporting PoE POWER OVER ETHERNET ** PLEASE NOTE NOT TO BE MISTAKEN FOR THE NEW REPLACEING VERSION DKX2-101 V2 which does have technical differences not supporting PoE. Call us for details. Raritan DKX2-101 Dominion KX2-101 IP Access and KVM control to a single PS2 or USB Computer or device. The KX2 new features include Virtual Media capability via USB, Local Access ( optional breakout cable required ) and serial output control.( optional cables required. DKX2-101 full-featured member of Raritan's Dominion series. **Contact us for Quantity pricing levels. Switchless, Scalable, Single- target KVM-over-IP Control Enterprise-class KVM over IP technology in a palm-sized device Dominion KX II-101 One-Remote user, One-Port KVM-over-IP Dominion KX II-101 is a next-generation KVM-over-IP device that eliminates the blocking factor inherent in switched KVM architectures to provide anytime, anywhere access and BIOS-level control of a single server, via a dedicated IP address. Productivity, efficiency and security in a "zero-U," single-port device. ➤ Palm-sized and highly portable, the Dominion KX II-101 can be mounted vertically or horizontally on the side of a rack, making it ideal for small, remote locations with a limited number of servers ➤ Multiple Dominion KX II-101 devices can be installed in a data center, lab environment, or remote offices to provide fully non-blocked, switchless access by any user to any server - even if the OS is unavailable - reducing downtime, MTTR and labor costs ➤ Dominion KX II-101 features Absolute Mouse Synchronization™, which reduces installation time and sets a new standard for mouse synchronization. ➤ Dominion KX II-101's Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) capability eliminates the need for a separate power supply and cabling ➤ Virtual Media gives users the ability to transfer files for patches and upgrades from any location, speeding up the upgrade process and reducing travel costs ➤ Dominion KX II-101 also provides a greater level of security than other remote access methods, feature-rich management functionality and the highest quality video available, all over an IP network A full set of features plus an innovative user interface The Dominion KX II-101 is a small but complete package of KVM-over-IP innovations. It works with the industry's widest range of browsers and operating systems, so you can use almost any combination of OS and browser. It also incorporates Raritan's Virtual KVM Desktop™ features to provide a user experience that is indistinguishable from an at the rack connection. Dominion KX II-101 is incredibly scalable. And because it is CommandCenter® certified a large number of Dominion KX II-101 units can be integrated through Raritan's CommandCenter Secure Gateway into a single logical network, with a single sign-on to a single IP address.


Next Generation Features with Limitless Non-blocked Access

The Dominion KX II-101's unique form factor and non-blocked access make it an ideal remote management platform for:
➤ Small businesses or branch offices that need remote access, but where a multi-port KVM-over-IP switch is not required
➤ Small numbers of servers in remote mission-critical environments where the price of multi-port KVM switches is not justified, such as pipeline pumping stations, oil rigs and military installations
➤ Environments that require simultaneous, non-blocking connections between large numbers of users and target devices, such as software development labs ➤ Environments where remote access to mission-critical servers could be blocked by other remote administrators trying to access other servers
➤ Environments where target devices are often moved around into different configurations, such as test labs and demo rooms
➤ Highly mobile applications such as remote broadcast trucks and police/fire department/EMS
mobile command centers
➤ Temporary installations such as conventions, trade shows, client/customer sites and construction trailers
➤ PC-powered, non-IT devices such as retail/point-of-sale displays, signage and kiosks, as well as medical and military equipment
➤ Users who want local port access
➤ Administrators who are looking for anytime, anywhere BIOS-level access via the industry's broadest range of browsers (Internet Explorer, Mozilla® Firefox, and Netscape®)
Easy to use
➤ Absolute Mouse Synchronization reduces installation time and sets a new standard for mouse synchronization
➤ Virtual KVM Desktop creates a user experience virtually indistinguishable from a local server connection
➤ PC Share mode lets up to eight users remotely access the same server for collaborative troubleshooting
➤ Plug-and-play appliance is easily installed; up and running in minutes ➤ Firmware upgradeable over IP network connection
Multi-platform compatible
➤ Supports Windows®, Mac®, Linux® and Solaris® platforms ➤ Works with Raritan's Multi-Platform Client (MPC)
➤ Small form factor fits in many environments
➤ Serial admin console port allows local configuration
and diagnostics

Enterprise-scale Manageability
➤ Can be powered by Power-over-Ethernet (PoE), a separate power adapter or both
➤ Multi-function serial port enables the connection of a modem for out-of-band access
➤ Remote power management capabilities when integrated with Dominion PX - Intelligent Power
Distribution Units (PDUs)
➤ Mini USB cable included for virtual media and Absolute Mouse Synchronization functionality.
➤ Keyboard and mouse connections can be hot-plugged on most operating systems without bringing down the target server
➤ Direct port access can be established for quick access to target server
➤ Factory default settings can be reapplied via the factory reset button or by resetting the factory defaults through the serial admin console port
➤ The KX II-101 can be swapped while the target server is still on, minimizing server downtime
➤ USB or PS/2® connectivity from same unit
➤ Mounts horizontally or vertically on side of rack (brackets included)
➤ Up to 256-bit AES encryption
➤ Secure encryption of keyboard, mouse and video signals, as well as virtual media
➤ Supports strong password settings and password retry lockout
➤ Supports RADIUS, Secure LDAP and Active Directory® - authenticating users from existing accounts
➤ Uses Access Control Lists to grant, restrict or deny access
➤ Inactivity timeouts prevent unauthorized access to unattended remote consoles
➤ Ability to disable telnet/SSH access

CommandCenter certified
➤ Makes use of CommandCenter Secure Gateway's powerful management features, including centralized role-based policy administration, logging of system activity and user changes, as well as centralized firmware upgrades
➤ Scales to a large number of units across numerous sites, all accessed through a single sign-on to a single IP address and displayed in consolidated physical and
logical views
➤ Integrates into a single, logical "command and control" network with Raritan's entire Dominion Series of KVM-over-IP switches and serial console servers, and analog Paragon® II KVM switches

➤ Provides remote access and BIOS-level control where deployment of a multi-port KVM switch is
not economical
➤ Tightly integrated unit in a “zero-U” form factor, saves rack space
➤ PoE saves PDU receptacle and associated cabling
➤ Minimizes expensive and inconvenient travel to remote locations
➤ Comes complete with AC/DC adapter, USB cables and mounting hardware
➤ Allows IT staff to leverage system expertise across multiple sites
Enhanced with highest quality KVM over IP
➤ Adaptive video settings for lower bandwidth situations ➤ 15-bit color depth sets a new record for Raritan's award-winning video quality, with support for 32,000 colors
➤ Supports up to 1600 x 1200 video resolution
➤ Virtual KVM Desktop:
— Full-screen video, without window borders or toolbars
— Transparent keyboard handling sends virtually all keystrokes to the target server for a more seamless user experience
— Advanced video resolution detection, for fast video response and accuracy on a wide range of remote screens
— Flexible video scaling, lets users adjust window size from thumbnail to full screen view

KX2-101 typical setup


KX2-101 (1 Remote User, 1-Port KVM-over-IP)

Dominion Model DKX2-101

Form Factor Zero-U form factor; rack mountable vertically or horizontally (bracket kit included)

Dimensions (DxWxH) 4.055” x 2.913” x 1.063”; 103 x 74 x 27mm

Weight 0.6498 lbs; 0.295 kg

Power AC/DC (100-240V~/ 6VDC) power adapter or Power over Ethernet (PoE); compatible with IEEE 802.3af
– Mid-Span Power Insertion
– Signal-Pair Power Insertion
– Class 2 PoE powered device (under 7Wts)

Operating temperature 0° - 40°C (32° - 104°F)
Humidity 20% - 85% RH

Blue RARITAN back-lit logo
Yellow and Green LED
Boot-up and power indicator
Network activity and connection speed indicator

Local Connection: 1 - Mini USB port for USB keyboard / mouse and virtual media connectivity to the target
1 - MiniDIN9 port for multi-function serial port of full RS-232 features, modem connection, and Dominion PX connectivity

Remote Connection:
1 Ethernet (RJ45) port with activity status indicator
TCP/IP, telnet, SSH, HTTP, HTTPS, secure LDAP, RADIUS,

Screen Resolutions:
PC graphic mode
SUN® video mode
Up to 1600 x 1200 @ 60Hz
640 x 480 @ 60/72/75/85Hz,
800 x 600 @ 56/60/72/75/85Hz,
1024 x 768 @ 60/70/75/85Hz,
1152 x 864 @ 60/75Hz,
1280 x 1024 @ 60Hz,
1600 x 1200 @ 60Hz,
720 x 400 (for DOS)

Warranty Two years with advanced replacement*



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