ML-4U MultiStation 4 KVM Stations or Users to one computer ( KVM Sharer or KVM Splitter )

ML-2U top and ML-4U bottom KVM Spiltter Units


The MultiStation / 4 x Keyboard Video Mouse Users to share one Computer Fully automatic KVM sharing on a first-come, firstserve basis Use for point-of-sale, office collaboration, conference room, and many others Security features Add multiple users When you need to access one computer from multiple locations, MultiStation is the product for you. The MultiStation allows multiple users, each with a KVM workstation, to access a single computer on a firstcome, first-serve basis. All connected KVM stations will respond as if they were directly connected to your computer. The MultiStation’s sharing feature doesn’t require any keyboard commands, but access can be controlled and there are command features for special functions. The unit also splits the video signal allowing the same screen to be displayed on all monitors at the same time, or the video can be securely displayed on a single monitor. There are a wide variety of areas where you can use the MultiStation such as: point of sale, office collaboration, software development, CAD/CAM, production floor, conference room presentation, medical facilities, doctor’s and dentist’s offices, hotel reservations, and many others. Our customers come up with new applications every day. The MultiStation has a variety of other features to finetune your application. Call us to find out how the MultiStation can simplify your computer access.


- Fully automatic keyboard-video-mouse sharing on a first-come, first-serve basis
- Available in three models,
- ML-2U – Stand-alone unit for 2 KVMs and 1 CPU
- ML-4U – Stand-alone unit for 4 KVMs and 1 CPU
- MLK-2U – Distributed units up to 250’ apart local unit – 1 KVM/CPU, remote unit – 1 KVM
-Adjustable keyboard time-out, video blanking time-out, keyboard typematic rate and delay on each station
- Dip switches allow commands to be disabled on each KVM
- Can display video to all KVMs simultaneously
- Enable, disable, and freeze commands to control access to stations
- Automatic enabling of PS/2 mouse when cable is reconnected
- Drives KVM signals up to 100 feet away
- Supports VGA video resolution up to 1280 x 1024
-LEDs on front panel show on-line status and keyboardmouse activity
- Supports both PS/2 or serial mouse and key board modes 1, 2, or 3
- Rack mount kits available for19”, 23”, or 24” racks
-Compatible with other Rose switches and extenders
- Made in USA

ML-XU KVM Splitter typical setup


MultiStation Models The MultiStation units are available in three models. The stand-alone models support one computer to either two or four KVM workstations. The distributed model allows you to have a local unit with one KVM and one CPU, and a remote unit with one KVM up to 250 feet away.
Cables Rose’s UltraCable streamlines the cable connections to the MultiStation, simplifying cable management and improving system
reliability. Order the computer or user cable by the computer’s KVM connector styles and desired length. We stock a large variety of cable types in lengths up to 100 feet. Specify standard resolution (1024x768 or less) or high resolution (greater than 1024x768).
Installation MultiStation is easy and quick to install. You simply connect your computer and up to 4 KVM stations to the MultiStation ports using the UltraCable.
Operation The MultiStation allows fully automatic computer sharing on a first-come, first-serve basis. Access to the computer from any keyboard and mouse is controlled by a time-out of two seconds. After two seconds of keyboard and mouse inactivity, any connected KVM station can access the computer. All video monitors, display the same screen.
Enable, Disable and Freeze Commands The enable, disable and freeze commands are used to further control access by stations. The commands can be enabled or disabled on a per workstation basis by the front panel dip switches. The enable and disable commands allow you to control whether other KVM stations have access to the computer, and/or allow only the active KVM station to have video on its monitor. The disable command disconnects the keyboard and mouse, and turns the video off on all other stations. The enable command restores all the stations. The freeze command is the same as disable, except the video is not affected and remains on.
Keyboard and Mouse MultiStation provides adjustable keyboard typematic rate and delay on each station. It supports PC keyboard modes 1, 2, and 3, which means the MultiStation is compatible with all PCs, IBM computers, and UNIX workstations. This is synchronized between all keyboards automatically. Also, the Num/Caps/Scroll Lock
LEDS on the keyboards are always synchronized. MultiStation supports both PS/2 and serial mice. It can translate from
PS/2 to serial or serial to PS/2 individually on each KVM station. You can adjust the sharing time-out interval. The default is two seconds, but you can program this up to 255 seconds. MultiStation provides automatic enabling of a PS/2 mouse when its cable is reconnected. There is a keyboard and mouse reset command to re-initialize these devices. All programmable values only need to be programmed once, since they can be saved in non-volatile memory with the keep command.
Video MultiStation supports VGA video resolution up to 1280 x 1024 non-interlaced video. MultiStation allows you to display video to all KVMs simultaneously, disable the video with the enable and disable commands, or show video only at
the active KVM workstation. MultiStation provides an adjustable video blanking time interval to save wear and tear on the monitors.
Options To locate your computer or KVM further than 20 feet, use our coax high-resolution cables, CrystalView xtenders, or ViewLink extenders to go as far as 1000 feet. Rack mount kits are available for 19”, 23”, or 24” racks.

Dimensions Width Depth Height Weight
ML-2U / MLK-2U
(in) 8.85 4.90 2.10 3.0 lbs
(cm) 22.5 12.5 5.3 1.4 kg

(in) 13.1 4.90 5.25 7.0 lbs
(cm) 33.3 12.5 13.3 3.2 kg

AC input Power Auto-Switching, 90 – 240 VAC, external adapter
Connectors Power: DIN5 CPU/KVM: DB25F
Bus in/out: 13W3F (Model MLK-2U)
Rack mount 19”, 23”, or 24”
Chassis Fully shielded, black painted steel
Controls Power ON/OFF Switch, 8-Position Dip Switch
Indicators Power LED (green), Status LED (yellow)
Remote video LED (yellow)
Environmental 32°F - 131°F, (0°C - 55°C) 0% - 80% noncondensing relative humidity
Approvals CE
Rear view of MultiStation models ML-2U and ML-4U

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Price:£ 225.00 + vat