Fujitsu FJ-NC14008-B027RSR Fujitsu FX-3001SR Serial Single. Port Console IP Controller for Remote IP Access to Serial

Fujitsu IP-Serial FX-3001 SR


Serial Single Port Console IP Controller with IP Access The SERVICE™family expands its line-up, enabling the remote user to control IT equipment by accessing its RS232C port over IP.There is an increasing demand for remote management capability not only for managing data centers and maintaining networks, but also for critical industrial process and commercial automation control.Most devices used in these applications, such as servers, routers, PLCs, scanners, etc., can be controlled remotely via a RS232 serial signal.Fujitsu’s SERVIS™ IP-Serial console switch allows the user to control Serial IT devices from anywhere in the world over the Internet.This 1-port model is a TCO benefit, due to its product performance & cost. This product is intended to operate UNIX servers or router devices that support serial consoles remotely over the network. It is equipped with a serial port to connect a device that uses a serial console. It also contains a 1 0/00BASE-TX port to enable operation of a remote device that uses a serial console via an Ethernet connection.


- Remote Character User Interface (CUI) operation can control serial devices over the network, and function as a local console.User access & Security:
- One main administrator can control a maximum of 4 registered users. Access is controlled by user name and password.
- Data is encryptedQuick and Easy setup and installationCompact and low-profile design saves space:
- The FX3001 series is a compact unit designed specifically for installation at remote location.
- It measures 11 0mm (W) x 4mm (D) x 32mm (H)Enhanced version: CF card model is available for Log Data auto-saving for record retention purposesRoHS Compliant

Fujitsu IP-Serial setup FX-3001 SR


Model / Series FX-3001 SR (standard)FX-3001 SRF (advanced)Product Part NumberNC1 4008-B027RS RTBDConnecting PortSingle unit1 CPUType32-bit CPUClock80 MHzMemoryMain64 MBBoot method- On-board flash ROM-- CF cardNetworkType0BASE-T, 00BASE-TXAuto-negotiationSupportedManual settingSwitching auto-negotiation ON/OFF(Dip switch)If auto-negotiation is OFF, the following can be set:- Switching DHCP or PnP ON/OFF- Switching between half-duplex and full-duplex- Switching between 0BASE and 00BASESupported protocolTelnet, SSH /2/3, FTP, SFTP, NTP, SNMPSerial communicationTypeSignal: RS-232CSupported speed300 bps to 11 5.2 kbpsTransmission buffer8 MB (on memory), cyclic-External CFConnectorRJ45Network port x Local console port x Target port x CF slot-Power SupplyInput rating5V DCPower consumptionAOperating Temparature0 to 40°C Storage Temparature-20 to 60°C Dimensions 0 (W) x 4(D) x 32(H)Weight420g450g

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Price:£ 350.00 + vat