Raritan P2-UMT832M Paragon II Cat 5 Matrix Switch 8-user 32-port ( Paragon 2 )

Raritan Paragon II ( 8-32 Port Model Pictured ) 315


The Paragon system is now discontinued by Raritan. We can still supply some spare parts whilst our stocks last. However - why not replace. We can offer a similar solution using a Raritan Dominion KX3 and User station setup. Contact us for details of a trade in and the most suitable recommended new solution. Raritan Paragon II Cat 5 Matrix Switch 8-user 32-port with integrated IP access ( Paragon 2 ) Model P2-UMT832M Proven Paragon Analog Technology with Stacking, Optional Integrated KVM-Over-IP Access and Superior Management Capabilities Paragon II, the industry's best stackable Cat5 KVM (keyboard, video, mouse) solution, gives IT professionals the power to access and control servers and other network devices anytime, anywhere. With Paragon II, you can stack up to 128 ports per switch and add up to 10.000 ports via multi-dimensional expansion. Paragon II has superior KVM switch technology that dramatically reduces equipment costs and optimizes space utilization. What’s more, this generation of Paragon provides the highest levels of manageability, security, and superior video quality to simplify the management of business-critical data centers. Innovative Modular Architecture Paragon II distributes KVM switching and control functions across modular, intelligent components: Paragon II Main Switching Unit - A secure, intelligent, non-blocked control unit that connects users to servers. Its stackable architecture provides the industry's highest port density making it ideal for large data centers with densely packed racks. Paragon II Stacking Unit - A cost-effective, space-saving expansion unit that allows you to easily add up to 128 non-blocked ports per switch with 90% less cable than cascading. Stacking units are compatible with Paragon II models UMT832M and UMT1664M. These units:

  • Reduce the burden of multiple cables between tiers.
  • Reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by more than 30%.
  • Save one-third of rack space and HVAC resources.
  • New User Station - Designed to fit conveniently under the user's monitor, the Paragon II User Station includes an intuitive on-screen user interface (OSUI) for easy access to attached servers.
  • Connects to USB, Sun and PS/2.
  • New User Station with Integrated IP Access - Includes KVM over IP capability for anytime, anywhere access and control along with a slim design and GUI for point and click remote access. Computer Interface Modules (CIMs) - Provide “keep-alive” keyboard/mouse emulation at the server. Just plug the CIM into the server's keyboard, monitor, and mouse ports and connect it to Paragon II with a single Cat5 cable. New smaller and slimmer Paragon II CIMs provide the added convenience of firmware upgradeability without interrupting the installed configuration. Performance Non-Blocked Access - Up to 64 users have a clear path to up to 10.000 servers, dramatically increasing productivity with no user blocked from server access. Cross-Platform Support - Seamless access to all operating systems, platforms, and connections: Linux, Windows® NT, UNIX®, Novell, Sun®, IBM® RS/6000 and pSeries™, HP9000, Alpha™, SGI, ASCII/ serial USB or PS/2. Higher-Quality Video at Greater Distances - Paragon II’s automatic video tuning delivers the highest possible video quality. And, unlike competitive offerings, it offers the capability of fine tuning a signal for the individual eye. Scalable Grow as You Go - Add, relocate, and hot-swap components without disruption as your data center needs change. Access From Inside and Outside the Data Center - Flexibility to access servers from inside and outside the data center, and globally over IP. Enterprise Solution - May be deployed individually or integrated with any of Raritan’s enterprise-wide data center solutions including CommandCenter. Flexibility
  • Streamlines management capabilities with event logging and audit trails.
  • Distributed architecture lets you physically position servers and users where desired.
  • Includes integrated power management capabilities for remote power recycling.
  • Features
  • Continuous server availability via “keep alive” technology.
  • Simple Plug-and-Play auto-configure installation.
  • Industry's broadest range of port devices.
  • Multi-platform CIMs for PS/2, Sun, USB, and serial devices.
  • Flash firmware upgrades.
  • Applications Enterprise-class solution - Paragon II is a proven, stackable switch, the perfect infrastructure component for all high-density server environments, including:
  • Corporate data centers.
  • Server farms.
  • Co-location facilities.
  • Web-hosting facilities.
  • Hardware and software testing labs.
  • Paragon Manager Software
  • A single, consolidated view of all connected devices.
  • Add, remove, or edit users and manage devices.
  • Perform system-wide firmware upgrades.
  • Log and audit all system events.
  • Integrated Power Management
  • Power on, power off, or recycle power to servers and other attached devices.
  • Define security levels for individual users on a per-outlet basis.
  • Get status of each connected power unit.
  • FAQs What’s Different
  • What is the primary difference between Paragon and Paragon II? Paragon II is the next generation of KVM switch. While it builds upon the original Paragon technology, it adds advanced features including stacking, integrated power management, network firmware upgrade capability and optional IP-access.
  • Backward Compatibility
  • Will Paragon II work with my current Paragon installation? Yes. The new Paragon switch is backwards compatible with older Paragon components. Please consult the Paragon II manual for configuration and compatibility guidelines.
  • Stacking
  • Paragon II is a stackable switch. Does this mean that I can stack logical units to increase the number of ports available? Yes. Paragon II provides a stacking capability that eliminates the need to run cable between logical ‘tiers’ and instead uses only a single stacking cable.
  • I would like to eliminate all the cables between cascaded Paragon units. Can I do this? Yes, with Paragon II you get exclusive stacking capability that allows you to increase port density to 128 ports per switch.
  • Is the stacking cable that connects base and expansion units together common to all Paragon II switches? Yes, the stacking cable is common to all Paragon II switches.
  • What is the maximum length of the stacking cable? The maximum length of the stacking cable is 30 centimeter.
  • Will stacking use up my ports like cascading does? No! You can stack Paragon II units with just a single cable! 100% non-blocked access without sacrificing server or user ports.
  • How many Paragon II switches can be stacked? You can stack 4 P2-UMT832 switches (1 P2-UMT832M + 3 P2-UMT832S) and 2 P2-UMT1664 switches (1 P2-UMT1664M + 1 P2-UMT1664S).
  • Can you stack second and third tier units? Yes. Please consult the Paragon II manual for configuration and compatibility guidelines.
  • Administrative Capability
  • Is there an easier way to upgrade the firmware without having to plug in a serial cable for each Paragon component? Yes, Paragon Manager allows you to ‘push’ the firmware to any device connected to Paragon II.
  • Paragon II has event logging capabilities. Is there a way I can save this to an offline file for future auditing purposes? Yes, Paragon Manager will allow you to save and store all system events to an appropriate text file.
  • Can I restore my saved Paragon Overview files on Paragon II? Yes, Paragon Manager can read Paragon Overview files and restore this information into a Paragon II switch.
  • Does each unit have a network port for firmware upgrades or just the base? All Paragon II switches have a network port for firmware upgrades. Each unit can be assigned an IP Address and is recognized by the Paragon Manager software via the network.
  • Integrated Power Management
  • What is “Integrated Power Management”? Integrated Power Management is a single, consolidated view (and control of) Raritan Remote Power Control Units connected to Paragon II.
  • So I can access and control all my connected Power Units via the Paragon II OSD? Yes! Paragon II lets you control power to any connected device, set security permissions on a per-outlet basis, recycle power to multi-power supply servers, and get status information from each connected strip.
  • Connecting Serial Devices
  • I have a serially controlled device (i.e. Unix server, hub). Can I use Paragon II to access and control this device? Yes. Raritan's ASCII Terminal Converter (AUATC) adapter will convert the RS-232 connection to PS/2 and VGA video. Connect the AUATC to your serially controlled device, then connect to your Paragon II switch with UTP Cable for access up to 300 meters.
  • Connecting Macs and SUN
  • I have Suns and/or Macs in addition to PCs. Can I access and control them all with Paragon II? Yes. The Paragon II User Station has built-in ports for PS/2, Sun, or USB keyboards and mice. Use Raritan’s SUN or Mac adapters to convert keyboard and video ports to PS/2 keyboard/mouse and VGA video.
  • I have a Digital Alpha running UNIX and another running OpenVMS which use a special LK111 or LK461 keyboard. How will that affect operation with my switch? The Alphas will operate flawlessly. Raritan's emulation incorporates unique functions to support LK111 or LK461 keyboard running UNIX and OpenVMS.
  • I have a Digital Alpha running UNIX and want to use a standard PS/2 keyboard. How will that affect operation with my switch? Merely connect a Raritan converter (AUKME) to any Alpha running UNIX and all computers will operate flawlessly with a standard PS/2 keyboard.
  • Cabling
  • What UTP cable does Raritan recommend for use with Paragon II? Paragon II will work with any Cat5, Cat5e, Cat6, or Cat7 cable. Paragon II uses a very sophisticated circuit to automatically adjust signal to ensure the highest quality video and enhance the user experience. Further, Paragon II has a manual adjustment for finer granularity in video adjustment that no other KVM manufacturer offers.
  • Can I use standard Ethernet (10BASE-T) cable? No. Standard Ethernet cable does not have the necessary bandwidth characteristics for transmitting high-quality video over long distances.
  • Hot-key Functions
  • Hot-key Functions - I don't want to use the "scroll lock" to activate hot-key. What are my options? The hot-key activator can be easily changed to a variety of different keys. When in hot-key mode, touch the desired new hot-key activator followed by the enter key.
  • Hot-plugging
  • We have some mission critical servers and there are occasions when we may wish to disconnect a server from the Raritan switch and "hot-plug" a physical keyboard and mouse to operate the server. Is that possible? Yes. Paragon II CIMs have “keep alive” technology which allows you to disconnect the switch without losing keyboard and mouse functionality. Simply remove the UTP cable from the Paragon II switch and connect directly to the User Station for “crash cart” access.
  • Trackball Keyboard
  • Can I use a trackball keyboard? You can plug any PS/2 keyboard in the keyboard user port of a Raritan KVM switch.
  • Connecting USB Devices
  • My computer has USB connectors. Can I connect it to a Raritan KVM switch? Yes, with the Paragon II User Station, you can connect a USB keyboard or mouse. Paragon II also has CIMs that connect to USB servers (P2CIM-USB, P2CIM-SUSB).
  • Features:

    Paragon II

    'Now, the Industry's Best Cat5 KVM Solution is Even Better'

    Paragon Technology

  • Next generation technology built upon the most widely deployed KVM switching in the

  • KVM switching
  • Provides powerful BIOS-level access and full keyboard and mouse control of Windows, SUN
    and USB servers – allowing administrators to maintain and control servers, as if they were
    actually present at the rack.

  • High performance Analog technology
  • Paragon II’s analog switching provides extremely high video quality ideal for use in
    management-intensive scenarios such as in a Network Operations Center (NOC).

  • Stackable expansion unit
  • Paragon II’s stacking unit allows expansion of each switch to attach up to 128 devices per
    switch with a single cable.

  • Stacking architecture simplifies cabling between ‘tiers’ by replacing pass through cables with
    a single expansion cable – saving up to 32 cables per switch.

  • Stacking allows a reduction in the number of units deployed by 33% (two units replace three
    units) giving savings in initial cost, rack space and lower HVAC provisioning costs.

  • Highly scaleable architecture
  • Paragon II’s architecture allows for connection of up to 10,000 attached devices in a single
    logical deployment.

  • Cat5 Simplicity©
  • Paragon II leverages Raritan’s Cat5 simplicity technology allowing any standard UTP cables
    to be used, therefore allowing the use of existing cabling infrastructure or cost-effective,
    readily available cabling.

  • Optional IP Access
  • Optional IP Access extends the typical distance between Paragon components allowing users
    to access a Paragon II deployment from anywhere such as HQ, home, or while traveling.
    Integrated power management

  • Provides a single, consolidated view (and control of) Raritan Remote Power Control Units
    connected to Paragon II, allowing administrators to monitor status and recycle power to
    remote equipment including servers, remote alarm monitoring, HVAC, and other critical
    data center equipment.

  • Paragon Manager administrative software
  • GUI software that drastically simplifies management and monitoring of the data center by
    consolidating administration of attached equipment. With a single view of all connected
    equipment via the LAN, Paragon Manager lets you capture and save all system events for
    auditing purposes, push firmware upgrades via the network, and maintain system profiles.

  • Firmware upgradeability via network connection
  • Simplifies the upgrading of firmware updates by allowing the administrator to push upgrades
    out over the network and complete installs from the NOC – saving time and money.

  • Cross-platform and hardware independent
  • Allows the connection of multiple disparate servers such as Windows, SUN, Compaq, HP
    and UNIX-based servers. Also allows serial devices to be connected with the use of
    Raritan’s AUATC adaptors.

  • Backward compatibility
  • Paragon II is compatible with existing Paragon equipment avoiding equipment redundancy
    and allowing continued ROI.

  • Small form factors and rack-mounting
  • Very small form-factor saves expensive rack space and makes it perfect for large data centers
    where space is at a premium. Reduced form factors minimize electrical consumption by
    lowering HVAC provisioning needs.

  • AC Power: 110/220V Auto-Switching
  • Integrated power supply ensures proper power provision and system reliability.

  • Specification:

    Raritan P2-UMT832M Paragon II Cat 5 Matrix Switch 8-user 32-port ( Paragon 2 )

    1x Management access RJ45 Socket

    8 x RJ45 Socket User Ports
    32 x RJ45 Socket Computer Ports

    1 x Expansion / Stacking Port

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