AVX1008-IEC AdderView 1 local user 8 port UTP KVM Switch Unit with Audio support, PSU, UK Adder AVX1000 range
( Adder Cat1000 )

AVX1008-IEC 8 Port KVM Switch pmvd316


AVX1008-UK AdderView 1 local user 8 port UTP KVM Switch Unit, PSU, UK Adder AVX1000 range Special quantity and trade prices are available on this range. Call for details. The AdderView CATx 1000 is a high density, small form factor KVM switch that provides local and remote access for a user who wishes to control up to 16 multi-platform servers using neat and convenient CATx cables. The CATx 1000 combines USB console support with a full VM feature set to create a truly modern KVM switching solution that provides high quality video and CD quality audio. Highly flexible connectivity options make the AdderView the ideal solution for a wide range of server room, desktop and other demanding applications


USB keyboard and mouse control-
Any USB style keyboard and mouse (PC, Mac or Sun) can be used to control the AdderView CATx 1000 switch. Full keyboard re-mapping is supported to ensure seemless cross platform functionality

Faultless video quality -
The AdderView CATx series provides exceptionally high video performance to local and remote users alike, supporting up to 1920 x 1200 resolutions with DDC emulation which is further
enhanced by DC balancing to ensure full and true colour

True multi-platform support -
The AdderView CATx 1000 supports any computer platforms with PS/2, USB and Sun keyboard and mouse interfaces.
Country code reporting, DDC and continuous keyboard and mouse emulation ensure faultless operation

Easy cascade-
Expand simply by using just CATx cable to link units. The AdderView automatically detects cascade connections to support up to 256 computers

Optional CD quality audio-
AdderView CATx 1000 switches support CD quality 44.1kHz digital stereo audio when optional audio enabled CAM modules are used

Integrated CATx extender-
The AdderView CATx 1000 can be controlled by a
user from up to 300m away over CATx cable using an
AdderLink X200 or X100 receiver and the integrated
CATx extender

Computer Access Modules-
Flash upgradeable CAMs are available for PS/2, USB and Sun keyboard and mouse support with optional audio

Rack mount / rack drawers-
One or two CATx 1000 switches can be mounted in 1U
of rack height giving a maximum of 32 ports per U. The
small size also makes the units ideal for mounting behind KVM rack drawers

User access control-
Up to 16 different user profiles can be created and access rights for each user can be defined.

Embedded KVM option-
CATx 1000 technology is available in for embedding within other equipment such as rack drawers and industrial equipment

Options port
Integration with RS232 controlled power switches to provide
a complete hard reboot function
Flash upgrade
Sync with other CATx 1000 switches for multi-video
Upload/download CATx 1000 user and host information
Remote contro

Adder AVX1000 Range setup


Hardware compatibility - Supports PC, RS/6000, Alpha, SGI, Sun and Apple with USB / PS/2 / Sun style keyboard and mouse and VGA video interfaces

Software compatibility -Operates with all known software and operating systems including Windows (all), DOS, Linux, Unix, BSD, all Sun OS, all Mac OS, NetWare etc.

Computer connections at switch - RJ45

Computer connections at computer - Video: HDD15, Keyboard/Mouse: choice of USB, PS/2 and Sun MiniDin8,
Audio (optional): 3.5mm stereo jack

Local KVM console connection Video: HDD15, Keyboard/Mouse: USB type A, Audio: 3.5mm stereo jack

Physical design -1U high 198mm / 7.92 (w), 44mm / 1.76 (h), 120mm / 4.8 (d), 750g / 1.65
lbs. I per 1U or 2 per 1U rack mount kits available
Power connection 2.5mm DC jack, power adapter included

Other connectors - Remote KVM console: RJ45, Options (flash upgrade, sync with other
CATx1000 and RS232 triggered power switches): DB9 female

Power 100-240VAC 50/60Hz input to power adapter, 5VDC 2A output from power adapter

Operating temperature OC to 40C / 32F to 104F

Approvals CE, FCC

Order Codes
XX= Mains Lead Country Code:
UK = United Kingdom
US = United States
EURO = Europe
AUS = Australia
AVX1008-XX AdderView CATx 1x8 KVMA Switch
AVX1016-XX AdderView CATx 1x16 KVMA Switch
CATX-USB (USB computer access module)
CATX-USBA (USB computer access module with audio)
CATX-PS2 (PS2 computer access module)
CATX-PS2A (PS2 computer access module with audio)
CATX-SUNA (Computer access module with audio for Sun)
RMK-ALIP Rack mount kit for 1 AdderView CATx per 1U
RMK-ALIP-DUAL Rack mount kit for 2 AdderView CATx per 1U

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Price:£ 355.00 + vat