Xceedium XG-EL2 GateKeeper formally theXIO-UAG-EL2 SSL-UAG+ Enterprise level Universal Access Gateway with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL VPN +) complete access over IP, 500 nodes (SSL VPN+)

Gatekeeper Appliance Unit front view


SECURE IT OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT Anyone using these units should always keep a spare hardware unit. The Xceedium GateKeeper, a centralized IT operations management platform, supplies a single browser-based user interface – a master console – for all IT administrators to use when accessing any part of the infrastructure. This interface provides a centralized place to find all authorized access tools that are delivered as browser-based applets, and a single point to flexibly launch all access methods – in-band, out-of-band and power. Administrators work with one-touch control, including simultaneous administration of multiple disjointed data centers. The end result: speedier resolution of IT issues, higher staff productivity, reduced travel costs, and improved service levels. The Xceedium product suite utilizes the Xceedium GateKeeper as a secure entry point providing access to distributed resources. The Xceedium GateKeeper combines security and IT operations for the entire IT stack, both in-band and out-of-band, through a centralized management portal. Through its patent-pending methodology for providing secure, virtual access, the Xceedium GateKeeper provides globally dispersed IT professionals complete access and control over geographically distributed desktops, servers, and network evices, and out-of-band components – all delivered inside a coherent security policy framework. Xceedium GateKeeper – Designed for IT Operations Xceedium addresses the challenges related to access, security and control for distributed data centers and geographically dispersed operations personnel. It delivers secure locked-down access to IT infrastructure, touch-free support, and policy-based vendor access control. Xceedium GateKeeper, the flagship product, is specifically engineered to enable technical personnel to quickly access IT equipment and systems, diagnose problems, and implement needed changes. Xceedium boosts the productivity and cost- effectiveness of IT staff and accomplishes this within a granularly-defined security framework that conforms to the organization’s policies. Various products, such as those offered by VPN and out-of-band vendors, provide partial solutions to the problems of secure operations management. Xceedium delivers a truly comprehensive solution that spans the entire IT infrastructure stack, fully integrating in-band, out-of-band, and power management. Consolidated Access via a Single Secure Point of Ingress IT organizations today must accommodate many types of operations users, including in-house engineers, consultants, vendors and outsourced support personnel. This has lead to the creation of multiple ingress points to the data center and an overall weakening of security. GateKeeper addresses this security challenge by creating a single, securely encrypted, standardized point of access for all operations personnel. Access is granted through a single clientless web interface, so only one open firewall is needed. This also eliminates the need for multiple modems or illegitimate “back doors” ---- Vendor Access Control GateKeeper controls all vendor access according to enterprise security rules. Because access is based on user profiles and associated policies, vendors and other third parties are only allowed access to devices and systems for which they have authorization. They have no visibility into other resources in the infrastructure – hardware, software, or data. Separation of user activities is enforced and all user sessions are tracked and logged for audit purposes. Secure and Efficient Touch-Free Support GateKeeper provides a single browser-based user interface – a master console -- for all IT personnel to use when accessing any part of the infrastructure. Based on the individual’s defined profile, the IT professional gains access to specific systems and is also provisioned with appropriate tools, which are served up as Java applets to the user desktop. As a result, no time is wasted trying to acquire services or locate devices within the network. Operations issues can be resolved without having to physically touch the devices or enter the data center. The solution may be used to improve the physical security of a local data center as well as to automate support of a facility located thousands of miles away. GateKeeper includes a monitoring and alerting capability that checks connectivity and service availability of devices for local and remote facilities. The end result: speedier resolution of IT issues, higher staff productivity, reduced travel costs, and improved service levels. Fully Integrated In-Band, Out-of-Band, and Power Management Operations professionals often require a broad range of tools to solve problems. SSL VPN and Telnet may be used to trouble-shoot applications, but if the network is not fully functional, it may be necessary to work with a serial console or even to reboot devices using power management. Unlike other vendors’ console products that provide in-band services only or manage only their proprietary out-of-band equipment, Xceedium manages the entire range of services including Telnet, SSH, graphical remote desktop, out-of-band (serial console, KVM) and power control. Xceedium supports third- party out-of-band equipment as well as its own. Xceedium automatically provisions users with tools and services for specific devices and even defines power-up sequence. Centralized Policy Enforcement and Audit GateKeeper provides a single interface for defining access-related security policies, including user profiles, access privileges and access methods. Xceedium’s web-based central management console automatically detects all systems and devices in the environment and provides a consolidated list. To provision users, it is simply a matter of selecting systems and devices from this list and defining approved access methods and services. Through audit trails and reporting, Xceedium also assists the IT organization in complying with Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, and other mandates. The system automatically logs all user sessions, including the date and time the user logged into a specific device, the access method, and duration of session. All user activity is audited and tracked – both in-band and out-of-band sessions. A New Model for Secure IT Operations Through its patent-pending next generation technology, Xceedium provides a new model for IT operations. The traditional remote access model brings users into the data center using technologies such as proxy, NAT, port forwarding, IPSec VPN, and SSL VPN. This model runs the risk of granting technical users “keys to the kingdom”. By contrast, GateKeeper treats each system or component as a service and brings the service out of the data center to the user’s desktop. The new model greatly enhances security and also makes it possible for Xceedium to manage heterogeneous devices and systems, as well as both in-band and out-of-band capabilities, from within a single management console. Simultaneous Administration of Multiple Data Centers IT administrators sometimes need to access resources from different networks at the same time to perform tasks. For example, an in-house engineer may need to perform server upgrades at multiple branch offices and a managed service provider may be performing similar tasks at several customer sites. Through new technology – unique to Xceedium – and through a single unified interface, GateKeeper presents the IT user with the resources and tools needed to work securely, efficiently, and simultaneously across multiple networks. Xceedium provides identity-based access based on each site’s specific policies. Keeping each network separate, Xceedium reveals only those portions of each network that are relevant to get the job done. Xceedium also manages server-to-server communications across networks for automated processes that do not require human intervention. Supporting Legacy and Virtualized Infrastructure Many organizations are introducing new virtualization technologies such as blades, SANs, and virtualized servers. Virtualization is driving costs savings through the consolidation of data centers and sharing of devices. Xceedium provides unified management for all infrastructure -- virtualized and legacy – while complementing the management facilities offered by virtualization vendors. GateKeeper manages both blade and non-blade components and also provides granular blade-level and frame-level security. Cost-Effective, Rapidly Deployed Solution Xceedium’s highly scalable solution has been successfully deployed at Fortune 1000 companies and large government organizations. Our customers report that the solution saves them money by increasing IT staff productivity and eliminating travel costs associated with supporting remote sites. Customers also avoid spending money on modems, T1 lines, and VPN because Xceedium allows all access to be consolidated in a single, secure point of access. The GateKeeper is an unintrusive appliance-based solution that can be quickly deployed. There is no need to install anything on IT user desktops – the solution requires only a Java-enabled web browser.



Xceedium GateKeeper Key Capabilities

- Secure identity- and policy-based access via a single point of ingress
- Central management console enables granular policy definition
- Single client-less web interface for internal IT staff, vendors, and third parties
- Integrated management for inband, out-of-band and power, enabling touch-free support
- Simultaneous administration of multiple data centers
- Supports all infrastructure, legacy and virtualized
- Automatic provisioning of tools for IT operations
- Monitoring and alerting for problem devices
- Audit trails and reports assisting with compliance
- Unintrusive, rapidly deployed appliance-based solution


Provides "no-touch" in-band and out-of-band management for the entire stack in remote data centers and satellite offices
· Increases responsiveness to SLAs by providing "on demand" remote access to the virtual support team
· Establishes a simple way for vendors to comply with your security policy posture
· Simplifies and reduce performance requirements of perimeter security devices by eliminating rule propagation
· Seamlessly integrates current legacy infrastructure within a browser-based control – no need to replace
· Delivers unified administrative framework to provision granular remote access
· Enables central or distributed IT expertise to deliver cost effective service levels to a geographically dispersed IT infrastructure

GateKeeper Typical Setup


Chassis : 1U IPC Chassis
Power Supply : 200W Power Supply Unit
System Board : Intel 845GV chipset with 533MHz FSB
CPU (Model Specific) : Intel Celeron, Pentium 4
Memory(Model Specific) : Up to 2GB DDR 200/266 in 2 Memory Slots
Disk (Model Specific) : 128MB Disk-on-Module (Solid State)
Display : 2x16 Char LCD Screen

Network : 6 32bit/33MHz Gigabit/Fast Ethernet ports
Faceplate Inputs : Four Buttons
Serial Ports: One DB-9 Serial Port (For System Console)

Height: 1.73" (4.4 cm)
Width: 16.87" (42.86 cm)
Depth: 14.17" (36 cm)
Unit Weight: 11.45 lbs. (5.2 kg)
Shipping Weight: 21.59 lbs. (9.8 kg)
Enclosure: Fits Standard 19" Rack

Operating Environment : 5°C - 40°C, 20-90% Humidity
Storage Environment : 0°C - 70°C, 5-95% Humidity
Internal Ventilation : 4 x 4cm 7.3 CFM ball-bearing fan


  • Microsoft Windows 9x, ME, NT, 2K, XP, 2003 Server

  • Apple Mac OS 9.x and OSX

  • Sun Solaris 2.8, 9

  • All Variants of Linux 2.2 and Above

  • Telnet

  • Secure Shell (SSH) V1, V2

  • Windows

  • Mac

  • X-Windows

    (Graphical Access only)
  • Agent software for the following platforms:

  • Microsoft Windows 9x, ME, NT, 2K, XP, 2003 Server

  • Apple Mac OS 9.x and OSX

  • Sun Solaris 2.8, 9

  • All Variants of Linux 2.2 and Above

  • Java-Enabled Browser (JVM)

  • Netscape 6.x+

  • Internet Explorer 5.x+

  • AOL 6.x+

  • Opera 7.x+

  • Safari 1.1+
  • compatible products

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