Xceedium XIO-XC64CON-16 xCONTROL SERIAL ENT64 16 port Loaded Enterprise console server. with IP Access ( Expandable to 64 Ports )


Xceedium XIO-XC64CON-16 xCONTROL SERIAL ENT64 16 port Loaded Enterprise console server. with IP Access ( Expandable to 64 Ports ) Special offer while stocks last Xceedium’s xCONTROL SERIALENT64 defines the new standard for advanced remote SSH enterprise console access. It connects and operates seamlessly within virtually any network environment. It is the “all-in-one” box that truly eliminates your need to purchase multiple servers. The xCONTROL SERIALENT64 simultaneously functions as a remote access server, a terminal server, a printer server, a Windows NT RAS server, a POS server and an Out-of-Band console management server. The xCONTROL SERIALENT64 lower cost per port and ease of use assures easy installation, reduced training time and lowered administration costs. Its lowered cost of ownership is enhanced by its remote access communication capability. Expand the xCONTROL SERIALENT64 from 16 to 64 ports by simply sliding in additional Rack Expandable (XC16EXP) cards. It is available with the 16 port RS-232 RJ-45 (10-pin full feature set, including data set ready and ring indicator) XC16EXP card. The xCONTROL SERIALENT64 is high-performance RISC server. Its new RISC-860 card uses a MIPS-R3000 CPU. Processing speeds are maintained through use of advanced PC-100 SDRAM. Flash upgradeable software assures that the system is always up to date. If you use TCP/IP and or Internet Services, then the xCONTROL SERIALENT64 is for you. It provides transparent remote access to your Ethernet LANs and Internet services. It routes TCP/IP traffic using PPP, SLIP, CSLIP and RIP protocols. For NT RAS networks, it provides access to security features such as Dial Back, PAP, CHAP, Data Encryption, RADIUS and IP packet filtering. It can support up to 16 inbound and 64 outbound Telnet sessions simultaneously. Its extensive protocol support also includes rlogin, telnetd, reverse TCP, SNMP, BOOTP, DHCP, TFTP and RIP.


  • Windows NT GUI/Web Browser Interface

  • Bi-Directional Communicate In or Out Bound Through Port

  • 921.6 Kbps Data Transfer Speeds

  • Hi-Density Up to 64 Ports in a 3U Form Factor

  • Surge/Spike Protection is Standard on all Signal

  • 9 Telnet or Login Sessions per Port

  • Remote Logging

  • Menu and HTML Based Configuration

  • No Break Issues when Used with the Sun® Operating System

  • Security: PAP, CHAP, RADUIS, IP Filtering, SSH®

  • Protocols: TCP/IP, SNMP, PPP, SLIP, CSLIP, Telnet, telnetd, Reverse TCP, RSH, rlogin, RARP, TFTP, BOOTP, DHCP, RIPv2

  • Specification:

    RISC-860 Card with MIPS-R3000 processor
    PC-100 SDRAM
    8 Megabytes of Memory
    Flash Memory

    Firmware: Download and/or Flash Upgrade
    Power: 50W, 100-250V, 50/60Hz power supply
    Signals: RxD, TxD, SG, RTS, CTS, DSR, DCD, RI (DB25)
    Port Types: RS-232
    Surge Protection: All Ports
    Flow Control: Xon/Xoff and/or RTS/CTS
    Temp Range: 10 to 35 Degrees Celsius
    Humidity: 10-90% (Non-Condensing)

    Serial Ports: Sixteen (16) RS-232 w/10 pin RJ45
    Connectors: 10-BaseT or AUI
    Port Type: RJ45 10-pin Standard
    Speed: up to 115.2 Kbps
    Max. Modules per Chassis: Four (4) per Node
    Max. Ports per Node: 64
    Dimensions: 19" x 13" x 3U"
    SOFTWARE OS SUPPORT Windows® NT, SCO® OpenServer®,
    SCO UnixWare, Linux®, Sun® Solaris®, IBM® AIX, NCR Unix,
    DG-UX, HP-UX

    TTY Support for Legacy UNIX Applications, Transparent Printing Under UNIX, Source Available for Portability

    IntelliFeatures® for UNIX
    Menu Driven Installation, IntelliView® Multiple Sessions, IntelliPrint® Transparent Printing, Intelliset® Port Configuration

    Serial Ports: Sixteen (16) RS-232 w/10 pin RJ45
    Dimensions: 16.75" x 1.0"

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