UPWR-12 Ultrapower 12 Way PDU (Power Distribution Unit), 12 individually serial controllable IEC outlets RS232 ( Special offer while stocks last )

Rose Ultrapower 12 Port IEC


The UltraPower 12 is a 12 outlet PDU powerstrip that provides an easy way to remotely manage power using RS-232 communications. It enables network administrators to remotely reboot locked devices without the need of sending personnel to site. A common application for the PDU is remote power recycling. Remote site management requires special consideration. All network equipment has the potential to lock up: servers can hang or ‘blue screen’ and often it only takes for the equipment to be re-booted to function again. However, if the equipment is situated remotely, in another building or city or country, then a visit to reboot locked up equipment can be a costly exercise. But perhaps more importantly, it can take more time than the demands of high availability networking can allow. When used with any serial terminal server or one of Rose’s UltraMatrix or UltraConsole switches, control of servers and devices at bios level is supplemented by the ability to cold reboot whilst online. Easy remote IP power control when used with a serial terminal controller, Ultramatrix Remote or Ultralink Units. Configuration Cable Your package contains a configuration cable (DB9 female-to-RJ 6/6). Use this cable to connect the PDU serial port and a dumb terminal or PC for configuration. Any dumb terminal or terminal emulation package, such as Microsoft Windows 95/98/NT HyperTerminal will work fine, providing it is capable of running at up to 9600 baud. Alternatively, just connect via a spare KVM port on a Rose switch. System Requirements The PDU will communicate with any device that can emulate a VT100 terminal session, this therefore includes any PC that has a terminal emulation software package installed and also most terminals. The Controllable PDU operates at 9600 baud. Main Control Menu The PDU can be controlled simply using the following table of commands. Control Commands (Normally open relays) SU Sequence Up SD Sequence Down SO Set all OFF immediately ONnn Turn relay nn ON (01-16) OFnn Turn relay nn OFF (01-16) CTnn Set Delat Time nn (0-99 seconds) CA Turn Auto-sequence ON at startup CM Turn Auto-sequence OFF at startup CS Print Current state CP Enter new password (8 char., DEFAULT 8 SPACES) Default Settings The PDU is shipped with the following default settings. Control Commands (Normally open relays) Delay Timers 0 seconds Current States 0 = Outlets OFF (relays open) Auto Sequence OFF Console Password 8 x Spaces characters Typical Application

  • 01:37 Engineer receives ALARM - ‘Server is not responding’.
  • 01:38 Engineer connects to network site over IP using UltraLink.
  • 01:39 Engineer switches directly to server console using UltraConsole.
  • 01:39 Warm reboot fails - server is locked up.
  • 01:40 Engineer cycles power to the locked server using UltraPower.
  • Features:

  • Simple control of PDU power outlets

  • Adaptable for remote site control when connected to any IP serial terminal controller

  • 12 controllable digital outlets (IEC 320 outlets rated at 10A)

  • Individual outlet control

  • Individual outlet delay timer

  • Password protected setup and access

  • Option to remember individual outlet settings during power loss

  • Sequence all outlets UP

  • Sequence all outlets DOWN

  • Set all outlets OFF immediately

  • Universal mounting brackets

  • Compatible with Rose UltraMatrix and UltraConsole switches

  • Out of band access

  • Network independent

  • Remembers outlet settings during power loss

  • Password protected

  • Remotely Controllable

  • Specification:

    Power outlets: 12 x IEC 320 (rated at 10A 240 VAC)
    Input rating: 16A at 240 VAC
    RS-232 serial port: 6 pin modular connector
    Relay rating: 12 x 16A at 240 VAC
    Dimensions: 70 x 90 x 1800mm
    Weight: 2.9kg

    **Please note on this model all 12 ports are remote/serial switchable on & off, on larfger 14 port models 2 Ports at the strip ends are permanently set to on if the power is connected. The 14 port models are designed for vital equipment that must never be switch off

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    Price:£ 159.00 + vat