REPAIR-RARITAN-INSP Raritan Inspection for Repair Only UK-EU Raritan Repair ( European - Out of warranty support )


Raritan Products are supplied with a 2 Year Return to base warranty in Europe. If you have a product with a fault out of warranty we can arrange for a technical inspection and quote for you for the full repair. Standard Raritan Hardware per unit Inspection process charges only including transport to from UK- Europe are 80.00 + vat As this inspection charge is separated it reduces the total repair cost if taken up as the required repair is identified and the European carraige costs to the Netherlands are already covered. The Repair costs are in addition to this and vary dependant on the product, parts and labour required. We offer this service to care for your products with a complete and logged system trail.


- Raritan product repair support when out of warranty
- Fully checked by Raritan fully trained engineers
- Insured care of your product until returned to you.


Raritan repairs and inspection services from UK
Inspection only via technical for a quote @ 80.00
Repair cost in addition and vary dependant on the product, parts and labour required.

Please note: Inspection charge of 80.00 remains even if the repair is not wanted after the quote. Products cannot be returned until inspection charges are covered or fully paid.

compatible products

Price: 80.00 + vat