AVSC1104 AdderView Secure AVSV 4 Port KVM Switch ( High Security KVM Switch Tempest Qualified & EAL4 Certified with Card Reader )

Adder AVSV Secure KVM Switch front and rear view pmvd1112


The AdderView Secure range of products are highly robust KVM switches for critical applications. When information absolutely must not be leaked between systems or networks, the AdderView Secure units combine the necessary isolation with a desirable ease of use. Tempest level A qualified design (NATO SDIP-27 Level A and USA NSTISSAM Level I ), EAL4+ Common Criteria certified at Evaluation Assurance Level 4 - (augmented by ALC_FLR.2 and ATE_DPT.2) Tempest and EAL4+ certificates available. These AdderView Secure units with approved Card Reader combine a number of overlapping strategies that are designed and proven to defeat potential points of infiltration or protect against user error. Firstly, all channel switching is controlled only from the front panel buttons. No keyboard or mouse switching commands are permitted. Secondly, Data Diodes, implemented within hard-wired electronic circuitry, rather than software, are liberally employed to ensure that critical data paths can flow only in one direction. These data diodes ensure that a compromised peripheral, a keyboard for instance, cannot read information back from a connected system in order to transfer such details to another system. Whenever a channel is changed, the connected keyboard and mouse are always powered down and re-initialized to provide yet another level of protection against hidden peripheral malware. In general, the role of software within the unit has been reduced to an absolute minimum to avoid the possibility of subversive reprogramming. Additionally, all flash memory has been banished from all security critical areas of the design, to be replaced by one-time programmable storage which cannot be altered. The outer casing contains extensive shielding to considerably reduce electromagnetic emissions. Additionally, the casing has been designed with as few apertures as possible to reduce the possibility of external probing and several primary chassis screws are concealed by holographic tamper-evident seals to indicate any unauthorized internal access. Shielding extends also to the internal circuitry with strong levels of electrical crosstalk isolation between ports to protect against signals from one computer becoming detectable on another. AdderView Secure units are available in two port and four port sizes. Each size can be ordered in standard and enhanced versions. The enhanced versions allow you to attach a smart card reader that can be securely shared between the connected systems. The enhanced versions also contain anti-subversion and authentication features that guard against intrusion and allow you to prove that the unit is genuine, respectively. These are just a few of the many strategies and innovations that have been combined to reinforce the separation between differing systems. Numerous other defences lie in wait to defeat any potential threat.


* One-way Data Diodes are used on keyboard and mouse communication channels so that data isolation does not rely on software.
* The keyboard and mouse are powered down and re-initialized during every channel switch to ensure that they cannot act as transport media for malicious data between computers.
* Careful shielding and separation strategies are used to ensure that data doesn't crosstalk between channels or leak to the outside world via radiated or conducted mechanisms.
* With Card Reader Version
* Common keyboard, mouse and video monitor are able to access multiple high security computers/networks, safe in the knowledge that data will not be transferred from one
to another, either by user error or subversive attack.
* Channel switching is by physical button press only, no keyboard or mouse codes are permitted.
* Individually colored indicators provide clear visual feedback about the currently selected channel.
* Hard wired One-way Data Diodes enforce a one-way flow on information.

Adder AVSV Secure KVM Switch possible setup example


Hardware compatibility - Compatible with all known platforms featuring VGA video and USB HID or PS/2 connectivity.
With Card Reader Approved

Tempest level A qualified design (NATO SDIP-27 Level A and USA NSTISSAM Level I ), EAL4+ Common Criteria certified at Evaluation Assurance Level 4 - (augmented by ALC_FLR.2 and ATE_DPT.2) Tempest and EAL4+ certificates availabl

O/S compatibility - All known software and operating systems including Windows (all), DOS, Linux, Unix, BSD, Sun OS, Solaris, Mac OS, NetWare etc.

Connections - USB HID (Keyboard/Mouse), 2 or 4 x System link connection, smart card USB

Physical design - compact case, robust metal construction.

Power supply - 100-240 VAC 47/63Hz

Operating temperature - 0C to 40 / 32F to 104F

Approvals - CE, FCC

Common Criteria EAL4+ Certification

Tempest Level A qualified design


The special cables available for connections to each system are carefully constructed with braid and foil to provide excellent screening against signal emissions that could otherwise be eavesdropped. A similarly constructed cable is also available for the monitor connection (VSCD9).

The special cables already have ferrite cores fitted to assist with signal suppression. For USB peripheral connections, we strongly recommend that (if not already fitted) you attach ferrite cores to those cables to further assist with emission suppression.


Shielded link cable (VGA, USB keyboard/mouse, USB card reader)
Part code: VSCD6 (length 1.8m/6ft)

Other cables suitable for KVM functions only:

Shielded link cable (VGA, PS/2 keyboard, PS/2 mouse)
Part code: VSCD5 (length 1.8m/6ft)

Shielded link cable (VGA, USB keyboard/mouse)
Part code: VSCD7 (length 1.8m/6ft)

Shielded link cable (VGA only)
Part code: VSCD9 (length 1.8m/6ft)

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Price:£ 435.00 + vat