Unfortunately we do not stock the 0DT60001 Minicom CAT5 Smart USB KVM Extender, intergrated local port + reciever 2 port KVM Switch. ( 150Mtr Range ) ODT60001 currently.

Please contact us to find out if this is merely a temporary situation. If the product has gone out of production we should be able to suggest a suitable alternative product.

0DT60001 Minicom CAT5 Smart USB KVM Extender, intergrated local port + reciever 2 port KVM Switch. ( 150Mtr Range ) ODT60001

Minicom USB Smart KVM Extender


The KVM Extender USB, a versatile, plug and play solution, opens up options by enabling an extended physical separation between a KVM workstation and a computer or KVM switch. A user has the luxury of working at a KVM workstation that is up to 150m/500ft from a computer or KVM switch. Leverage Your Location The USB KVM Extender makes business sense whenever there is a benefit to having a KVM workstation in a physically separate place from a computer or KVM switch. Some examples include: Access to computers or KVM switches centralized in one secure, environmentally controlled location, like clean rooms and kiosks Users who want to access a computer or KVM switch at a workstation, without having to get up and go to a server room A user who wants to access and control two computers, one local and one at an extended location (integrated local port) Two users working on two omputers at the same time, with the user at the extended ocation (receiver) able to control and access both computers (receiver 2 port KVM switch) SOHO (Small Office/Home Office) environments, such as an executive and secretary, where users at two workstations control one computer. Security The KVM Extender USB offers a unique security feature called exclusive mode, where a user can prevent the second user from accessing the computer or KVM switch at a given time.


- Compatible with any KVM switch/computer - extends USB User console 150m/500ft from Video & USB connection in server room or rack.

- Integrated local port

- Receiver 2 port KVM switch

- Pure hardware solution - no software/network conflicts

- Supports high-resolution video - up to 1600 x 1200 @ 75 Hz

- All cables included - off-the-shelf retail package, easy to maintain

- Simple to install and operate

- No external power needed at transmitter end

- Supports all major OS

- Use with Minicom's two user KVM switches: Smart 216, Smart 232, and SmartRack 232

- 3 year warranty

USB KVM Extender typical setup


Extender System.
USB on computer connection
User unit has USB ports

System Cable - CAT5 FTP cable 2x4x24 AWG Solid Wire

Maximum Distance - 150m/500ft

Keyboard & Mouse support- USB keyboard and mouse

Operating Systems - Win and Linx

Management - Push button or external control unit

Screen resolution - Up to 1600X1200 @ 75Hz

Operating Temperature - 0 C to 40 C/32 F to 104 F

Storage Temperature - -40 C to 70 C/-40 F to 158 F

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