CCSG16-VA Raritan CommandCenter Secure Gateway Virtual Appliance - Evaluation Version (Free Virtual Appliance)



Raritan CCSG16-VA CommandCenter Secure Gateway Virtual Appliance - Evaluation Version Virtual Appliance Version Smart, Secure Remote Access and Control of Centralized and Distributed IT Assets Centralized Server Management Raritan’s CommandCenter® Secure Gateway (CC-SG) is an easy to deploy, plug-and-play appliance that provides IT administrators and lab managers with a secure, single point of remote access and control. Raritan’s CC-SG consolidates multiple access technologies, including Dominion® KVM-over-IP switches and serial console servers, service processors, and in-band methods such as RDP and VNC. CC-SG is a perfect complement to our Power IQ Power Management Solution and enables power control of devices connected to any PDU managed by Power IQ – without leaving the CC-SG GUI. Plus, data can be synchronized automatically between the two products CC-SG lets you easily consolidate access to physical and virtualized servers, Dominion appliances and serial devices from a single, secure appliance. Raritan’s CommandCenter Secure Gateway (CC-SG) provides IT and lab organizations with secure and consolidated access and control of all technology platforms at the application, operating system and BIOS level. CC-SG’s single pane of glass helps simplify remote management and expedite troubleshooting of your physical and virtual servers, intelligent PDUs, and serial devices. Plus, it helps you maximize uptime and productivity of these devices, while reducing network overhead and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). From small and medium server rooms to large enterprises with multiple data centers around the globe, CC-SG is relied upon worldwide for secure and consolidated remote access and control. Its key features meet the needs of today’s IT and lab administrators: PLEASE NOTE ONLY ONE SUPPLY COPY DOWNLOAD PER CUSTOMER


- Support for Dominion KX II and KX III
- Support for Dominion SX & SX II
- Virtualization: Integration of VMware
- Access to Blade Servers Connected to Dominion KX II and KX III Devices
- Support for Raritan’s Dominion PX
- Access to In-Band Applications and Embedded Service Processors
- Robust Security
- Neighbourhood Configuration
- Cluster Configuration for Hardware Appliances
- Web Browser Access to Various Web Based Devices and Systems
- Mobile access from Apple Smart Phones and Tablets
- Auditing and Audit Trail Reporting
- Remote Monitoring and Capacity Planning Tools
- Streamlined Raritan Device Firmware Upgrade Process
- DRAC 6 Support
- HP iLO, iLO2, iLO3 and iLO4 Support
- Personal View Customization Using Node Groups
- Virtual Media Supported
- WS-API Support
- Control Power for Servers Connected to any PDU Supported by Power IQ
- Synchronize Data with Power IQ
- Data Import/Export via CSV Files
- Virtual CC-SG Evaluation Version
- NET™ KVM Client for Java-free Support
- Windows 7 & 8 Support

Command Center SETUP


CCSG16-VA Raritan CommandCenter Secure Gateway Virtual Appliance


VMware Virtual Appliance:

- ESX/ESXi 5.0, 5.1, 5.5
- 2 GB Memory, 40 GB Disk
- High Availability or Fault Tolerance

Hyper-V Virtual Appliance:

- Microsoft Windows Server 8 or 12
- 2 GB Memory, 40 GB Disk

XEN Virtual Appliance:

- XenServer 6.2
- 2 GB Memory, 40 GB Disk

Demo Evaluation copy also available.



Demo Evaluation copy for 16 Nodes only

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