GW02-000E Packet Power Gateway Version 2 ( Wireless Env Sensor Hub )

Ethernet Gateway


Ethernet Gateway SNMP Enterprise Designed for larger sites with multiple Gateways and up to 2,000 monitoring devices. All of the features of SNMP Solo Consolidates data from multiple Gateways to provide a single interface point per site Requires only one IP address per Gateway Packet Power uses its Ethernet Gateway (EG) to link the Packet Power wireless power and environmental monitoring devices to IT monitoring applications that can accept data in the SNMP format. Packet Power Gateway Ethernet Gateway- central point for Packet power monitoring cables to forward information to the controller on Software or Cloud.


- Easily capture and analyze power usage data
- Simple ―plug and play‖ installation
- Self-configuring wireless
mesh network
- Small Ethernet Gateway
gathers data from hundreds
of power cables and Environmental
- System requires just one
Ethernet port and IP address

Packet Power Gateway typical setup of Gateway to cables & devices


SNMP support is provided via two EG models:
- Ethernet Gateway SNMP Solo for use in locations with less than 250 monitoring devices and a single Ethernet Gateway.
- Ethernet Gateway SNMP Enterprise for use in locations with multiple Gateways and up to 2,000 monitoring devices.
Packet Power’s advanced wireless mesh monitoring network can gather data from thousands of Packet Power smart power cables and Environmental Moni-tors.
Data is captured in real-time, formatted into the SNMP protocol on the EG and transmitted to an in-stalled IT monitoring appli-cation. The system sup-ports SNMP traps.
A range of information is available via SNMP, including:
- Power data including volts, amps, volt-amps, watts, watt hours and frequency.
- Environmental information including temperature at up to 5 positions per cabinet (when used with the Environmental Moni-tor), relative humidity and air pressure.
- The count, identification number and communication interval for all wireless monitoring devices reporting through the Gateway.
SNMP Enterprise
The EG SNMP Solo model provides full SNMP support in sites with a smaller number of monitoring points and a single Ethernet Gateway.
The SNMP Enterprise model adds the ability for each Gateway to aggregate SNMP information from other SNMP Enterprise EGs in that location. This greatly simplifies the interface between the Packet Power system and the SNMP monitoring application.
Any monitoring application that supports SNMP should be able to use information from the Packet Power system. This includes work-ing integrations to software offerings from Automated Energy, Geist Environet, OpenNMS, GreenField Software, Power Assure and oth-ers. Packet Power’s SNMP MIB is available upon request.

- Wireless connection to comunicate with monitoring cables

- RJ45 Network port for connection to Ethernet Network

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