E200-A000 Packet Power Environmental Monitor Sensors Temp Version


Environmental Monitor Easily capture temperature data and display real-time facility heat maps. Accurate wireless temperature, relative humidity and differential pressure monitoring Easily track temperature, humidity and pressure at hundreds of points per facility Overlay temperature readings on your facility layout for real-time heat maps See bottom of rack / top of rack and hot isle / cold isle heat differentials Packet Environmental Monitors combine the ability to measure temperature at multiple levels per data center cabinet with the ease of installation of a wireless solution.


Key Features

- Different temperature probe combinations allow one Environmental Monitor unit to monitor up to five cabinets
- Mix monitoring density per cabinet from 5 points per cabinet to 2 points per cabinet to suit the needs of each area of your facility
- Add optional relative humidity or differential pressure monitoring capabilities
- Uses AC power or Power over Ethernet
- Small 2.6" (65mm) by 2.6" format
- Utilizes the same wireless network as Packet Power's power monitoring devices
- Use with Packet Power Manager software and EMX energy portal for a complete solution or interface to your existing monitoring system using Data Hub


Operating Frequency From 860 to 930MHz. The specific portion of the frequency
range used varies by region.
Wireless Protocol Proprietary frequency hopping, self-configuring, load-balancing
mesh network
Wired Network Protocol
(Gateway only)
TCP/IP (one IP address needed per Gateway), SNMP interface
with support for traps
Firmware updates Wireless over the air
Typical transmission range 10 to 50 meters indoors from any one device to any other
Antenna Fully enclosed, fixed configuration
Monitoring Unit to Gateway Ratio Up to 300 monitoring units per gateway
Gateways per site Unlimited
Multi-site support Yes
Encryption Optional 128-bit
Operating Temperature 0 to +40 C (+32 to +104F)
Operating Humidity 10% to 90% non-condensing
Water and dust resistance Not IP rated, indoor use only
Maximum operating altitude 2,000 meters (6,561 feet)
Mounting On top of the cabinet
Blue Powered on
Green/Orange Wireless communication activity
Environmental Monitor 65 mm (2.6) x 65 mm (2.6) x 28 cm (1.1), 90 g (3 oz)
Ethernet Gateway 65 mm (2.6) x 65 mm (2.6) x 28 cm (1.1), 65 g (3 oz)
Construction Molded GP ABS plastic (UL94-HB)
Packet Power LLC 2012 SPCEM-0212.0
Temperature 1 C at 0.1 C resolution with readings in C or F.
Relative Humidity From 0 to 100% RH at 2 % RH at 0.1% resolution
Dry Contact 0.5 sec state switch time. open>500K ohm, closed<2.5K ohm
Differential Pressure 500 Pa (2H20), 0.2Pa or 3% accuracy full span
Monitoring units
Model Differential
Temperature or Dry Contact
E200-A000 No No 1 internal temperature and 10 external
temperature or dry contact probes
E20H-A000 No Yes 1 internal temperature and 10 external
temperature or dry contact probes
E20P-A000 Yes. Includes 8
feet (2.4m) of
flexible tubing
No 1 internal temperature and 10 external
temperature or dry contact probes
Temperature probe cables
Model Front Probes Rear Probes Probe Positions from Top of Rack
TP02-05X1 3
Front: 1 15 cm, 2 90 cm, 3 180 cm
Rear: 1 60 cm, 2 170 cm
TP02-05X2 3 1st rack
3 2nd rack
2 1st rack
2 2nd rack
Front: 1 15 cm, 2 90 cm, 3 180 cm
Rear: 1 60 cm, 2 170 cm
TP02-03X3 3 1st rack
3 2nd rack
3 3rd rack
1 2nd rack Front: 1 15 cm, 2 90 cm, 3 180 cm
Rear: 1 90 cm
TP02-02x5 2 in each of the
5 racks
None Front: 1 60 cm, 2 170 cm
External Power Supply 100- 240VA/C input voltage, 50-60Hz
Dimensions 72mm x 43mm x 29mm
Power Cord 1500mm 18AWG UL1185
Power Supply Efficiency Energy Star Level V
Safety Standards EN60950 UL60950 IEC60950
Plug Types NEMA 5-15, CEE-7 Schuko, AS/NZS 3112 2000, BS 1363A, C14,
BS 546A
Power Consumption Ethernet Gateway: 0.7W
Environmental Monitoring: 0.5W
Power over Ethernet Available. Requires an external PoE splitter on a PoE enabled
switch. If the switch does not provide native PoE support, a PoE
injector is also required.

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