EXV-RKM17-132 OXCA 1U 17" KVM Console Drawer & keyboard with (touchpad) mouse. Build in user station for KVM connection and control to upto 32 Servers.



The EXV-RKM17 is a 1U 19” rackmount drawer containing a 17” monitor and a keyboard and (touchpad) mouse. It can be directly connected to a server or other PC type device, but is fitted with a catX (cat 5, 5e or 6) “BUS” KVM master switch module so that it can be switched between up to 32 PCs or servers, Mac, Sun or Unix machines, in fact almost any device which presents a conventional VGA video feed (HD15 connector) can be controlled by or displayed on the screen of the RKM17. A BUS KVM system is one where the Master module (built into the EXV-RKM17) presents only one RJ45 connector, as opposed to a conventional KVM switch which has to have one port for each server to be controlled. The first connected computer is attached by an adapter (dongle) which has two RJ 45 ports, one in and one out, the “in” port connects to the Master module, and the “out” port connects to the next adapter in line and so on, up to a maximum of 32. The modules auto-address as they are added, so very little set-up is required, and a user can select which connected computer he wants to control either by a “hot-key” combination, or by selecting from an on-screen display menu (OSD). When the unit is not being used, it can either be folded back into its drawer out of the way, or can be put into a “scan” mode, where it will sequentially display the screen of each connected device for a chosen period of time. Two levels of access are possible, “Admin” which allows access to everything connected and allows set-up of the switch, and “User”, which means that access to listed computers only is allowed. The system is hot-pluggable, so nothing needs to be turned off when adding a new device The system supports VGA, SVGA and XGA video standards and is DDC2 compliant, so attached computers need not be set to the same video resolution, and can manage servers with either PS-2 or USB Keyboard and mouse in any combination. This is an ideal solution for server control or multiple PC/computer control and is very simple to install – simply connect the nearest computer to the master unit, and then add as many computers in-line as required, up to a maximum of 32. Requires server adaptors PS2 or USB not supplied see compatible products


- 17” Rackmount Monitor, Keyboard and Mouse
- Incorporating a 1-32 port catX KVM BUS switch

Master console controls from 1 up to 32 directly connected computers

Completely scalable - buy the exact computer control capacity needed

Easily expandable - just one extra adapter needed to add a computer

Multiplatform - supports PC and Sun

User interface conversion - control any mixture of PS/2 & USB computers

PS/2 keyboard and mouse emulation – boot any computer even when
the Master console is switched to another compter.

Hot pluggable - add or remove a computer or connection without having to power down the switch or computer

No software required - computer selection by hot-key combinations or OSD (On Screen Display) menus

Auto Scan feature for monitoring user-selected computer groups

Dual level password security: Administrator and Users

All monitors; LCD, VGA, SVGA, XGA, and MultiSync support with DDC2B

Video resolution up to 1280 x 1024 at short distance & 1024 x 768 @ 75Hz for up to 100 meters

Signal Compensation Adjustment (through OSD) assures optimum
video resolution for all computers at any distance

EXV - KVM Bus setup example, please note the dongles are not included with the console drawer.


Specifications (main Unit) LCD screen size 17"
Contrast Ratio 500-1 Luminance 260 cd/M2 Response time 16 Ms
Colours 16.2 million
Viewing angle 70-70 (H & V) Resolution 1024 x 768 @ 75 Hz.
Video Connector (Direct) HD-15 F
Keyboard connectors (Direct) PS-2 & USB Mouse connectors (Direct) PS-2 & USB KVM switch BUS connection RJ45 Female Keyboard 105 key standard PC type Mouse connectors
(Direct) Touchpad
Number of Computers supported 1-32
Maximum BUS length 100m
Port selection method OSD or Hotkey sequence Scan interval 2-255 seconds
Video protocol DDC2B AC power in 110-230VAC @ 50/60Hz
Chassis Construction Steel
Weight 21Kg
Dimensions 600mm deep, 450mm wide, 44mm high
On Line indicator Green LED
Link Indicator Red LED

Requires server adaptors PS2 or USB not supplied see compatible products

compatible products

Price:£ 745.00 + vat