Rose KVM-4PCA Vista M-series KVM switch 4-port, PC connectors

KVM-4PCA front and rear


Special offer on current UK stock. Vista Single user KVM switch family M - Chassis Low cost 350 Mhz bandwidth( Screen resolution of up to 2400 x 2000) Optional OSD, Apple, and audio support Vista connector style Vista models are available with either DB25 connectors or PC connectors for he computers. For the controlling keyboard, monitor, and mouse, all models have a separate connector for each cable so you can plug the device cables directly into the Vista. Units with DB25 connectors are the easiest to manage because there is a single connection for each computer to the Vista. The cabling utilizes the Rose UltraCable all-in-one system, which streamlines cable management. UltraCable will allow you to connect computers with USB keyboard and mouse. Units with PC connectors have three connections for each computer to the Vista. The VGA video uses a HD15 connector and the PS/2 keyboard and mouse each use a MiniDin 6 connector. Vista M-Series These models work well either at the desktop or in server racks. They can be rack mounted, are 1U high, and are available in 2-port or 4-port models. They have high resolution video nd are available in PC and multi-platform versions. The multi-platform version supports the Apple ADB interface and is available in DB25 only. Each port is programmable as PC or Apple. Keyboard and Mouse All Vista models support full emulation of keyboard and mouse. It works with major operating systems such as Windows, Linux, and UNIX running on workstations such as SGI, IBM RS/6000, HP 9000, Dec Alpha, and others. All models support PS/2, PS/2 wheel, or serial mice. The T-series and L-series do not support a physical serial mouse, but the M-series does. When using the DB25 models with USB cables, you can use PC-USB, Apple-USB, or Sun-USB.


  • Low cost and easy to use.

  • High resolution - up to 350 Mhz( Screen resolution of up to 2400 x 2000)

  • Supports keyboard mode 3 - required by many Unix workstations

  • Supports regular PS/2, PS/2 wheel, and serial mice

  • Connectors available in two different styles

  • DB25 connectors, which use Rose UltraCable

  • Optional OSD on L-series units

  • Multi-platform version supports Apple

  • Mini version supports audio

  • Select computer from front panel or from easy to use commands from keyboard

  • Front panel LEDs show computer select, power, and activity

  • Computer powered, no external power required

  • Full emulation of keyboard and mouse

  • Scan mode sequences through computers at adjustable rate

  • Non-volatile memory stores configuration settings

  • Heavy-duty steel, fully shielded chassis

    Vista Range, KVT,KVM & KVL chassis versions


    Rose KVM-4PCA Vista M-series KVM switch 4-port, PC connectors

    Video All Vista models have very high resolution capability and
    support VGA video beyond 1600 x 1280 non-interlaced. Keyboard,
    mouse, and video signals can be driven up to 1000 feet using our
    CrystalView extenders.

    KVL-4PCA 4 HD15-MiniDin6-Minidin6

    M-Series: 8.8" W x 3.4" D x 1.75" H / 2 lbs (1U)
    22.4 W x 8.6 D x 4.4 H (cm) / .9 kg

    Input Power Supplied by computers; optional power supply
    Video Resolution 1920 x 1440
    Connectors Video: HD 15 Female VGA Video
    Keyboard: MiniDin-6F
    Mouse: MiniDin-6F
    CPU PC models: HD15F/MiniDin-6F/MiniDin-6F
    DB25 models: DB25 Female
    Rack mount 19", 23", or 24" (L-Series and M- Series)
    Chassis Fully shielded, black painted steel with polyester
    graphic overlay panel
    Controls Reset Switch
    Computer Select Switch: 1-8 (varies by model)
    Indicators Status LED, shows keyboard-mouse activity
    Computer select LEDs 1-8 (varies by model)
    Computer power LEDs 1-8 (varies by model)
    Environmental 0- 55C, 0%-80% non-condensing relative
    Approvals CE

    1yr warranty

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    Price: 85.00 + vat