SML-KIT-SCO-60-2D - Raritan - Intelligent Door Sensor - x2 active dry contacts - 12V Power

Raritan Electronic Swinghandle


(2) Southco SML-SCO-H3EM-60 Electronic Swinghandle - High security DIN lock - (1) DX2-DH2C2 Intelligent Door Sensor - Two active dry contacts powered by 12V to support 3rd party door locks. Two digital Normally Closed (NC) or Normally Open (NO) contact closures that require customer-provided NC or NO switches, e.g. door open/closed, smoke present/absent, etc. Each of the two ports (channels) can be independently set to NC or NO, factory default is NC. Dual RJ-45 connectors- (2) 4 meter lock connector cables included.



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