Raritan UMT1664-RK Paragon Matrix Switching Unit (16 users, 64 computers)

16-User, 64-Channel Model UMT1664; with 19 inch rack mount brackets.
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Maximum Paragon Power with Cat5 Simplicity™, Providing 10,000 Server KVM Scalability for the Enterprise The Paragon 16-user, 64-port (UMT1664) Matrix Switching Unit provides a Category 5 UTP cable-based KVM solution with scalability to enable access for up to 64 users to control up to 10,000 servers in an enterprise environment. The UMT1664 Matrix Switching Unit represents a continuation of Raritan's strategy of developing a full line of secure, flexible KVM switching and connectivity products to enable the largest enterprises to optimize access and control mission-critical devices in their data centers. This product is the first that accommodates scalability to 10,000 servers for as many as 64 users, and provides more than 500 user profiles. It features a compact 2U form factor to conserve rack space. A built-in expansion port will enable future "daisy-chaining" of Matrix Switching Units to expand the number of users while conserving device ports. Paragon Compatibility The Paragon UMT1664 supports the same Paragon User Station, CIMs and on-screen user interface as the rest of the Paragon family. It also supports all Paragon Ready™ products for management of all data center devices in a Paragon-centric environment, including Raritan's Z-Series™ and MasterConsole® MXU2 for high-density server access, ConsoleSwitch™ SCS232 for access to serial devices, and TeleReach™ for remote access over IP or dial-up modem.

  • Matrix Switching Unit--an intelligent, non-blocking control center that connects users to selected computers. It includes RJ45 jacks for connecting up to 2, 4, 8, or 16 User Stations and up to 16, 32, 42, or 64 Computer Interface Modules (CIMs).
  • User Station--connects each user console (PS/2 or Sun keyboard, mouse, and monitor) to the Matrix Switching Unit and provides user interface to computers.
  • Computer Interface Module (CIM)--connects each computer to the Matrix Switching Unit and provides dedicated, keep-alive keyboard/mouse emulation and fail-safe KVM access.
  • Features:

  • 1U design supports 2, 4, 8 users, up to 42 servers
  • 2U design supports 16 users, up to 64 servers
  • Expand to 32 users with Raritan's UKVMP2 or CIMPAC8R
  • Expand to 64 users with Raritan's HUBPAC8R
  • Expand to 10,000 servers
  • 19 " rack mounting brackets
  • Locate users and computers up to 1,000 feet apart
  • Simple plug and play, auto-configure installation
  • Hot-swappable components
  • Platform-specific CIMs for PS/2, Sun, USB, serial devices
  • User Station supports both PS/2 and Sun keyboards
  • Supports high-resolution video--to 1600 x 1200
  • Powerful on-screen user interface for simple operation
  • Customized user profiles -- up to 512
  • Flexible, multi-level security for authorized server access
  • Three system operation modes:
    Private mode--exclusive user control of selected computer
    PublicView mode--users can share video of selected computer
    PC-Share mode--users can share operation of selected computer
  • Flash firmware upgrades
  • User Station supports access to local PC via UKVMSPD
  • Add remote access over IP or modem with Raritan's TeleReach
  • Seamless compatibility with Paragon Ready™ products such as Raritan's MasterConsole® MXU2 and Z-Series™ Z4200U and IBMx330 with C2T technology

    Paragon Matrix Switching Unit schematic


    Raritan UMT1664-RK Paragon Matrix Switching Unit (16 users, 64 computers)

    16 x RJ45 Socket User Ports
    64 x RJ45 Socket Computer Ports

    1x IEC 320 Power INPUT Port

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