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 KVM Solutions by KVM Choice

A KVM Switch is a switch device for the " Keyboard, Video and Mouse " ports of computers allowing a user to control different or additional computers from their same keyboard, monitor/screen and mouse. We offer many KVM solutions. Some models of KVM switch can also switch the connections of Audio ports and Full USB for other devices such as printers and memory sticks. KVM Switches vary from desk units with as little as two PC's or Macs to Data Centre switches with multiple simultaneus users and connection to many servers with the addition of high security SSL KVM remote access over IP User capabilities.

Desk Top Basic KVM Switch

2 Port - all types

4 Port - all types

Cable KVM Switch

All Cable versions

- Small, compact but capable

DVI & Digital Video KVM Switch



Display Port KVM

Multiscreen KVM Switch

Dual Screen  

Triple Screen

Quad Screen 

4K KVM Switches

- 4K KVMs with DP / HDMI

- Secure KVM's (with 4K Support)

Looking for KVM Security?

- Secure KVM's, bio-metrics, smart locks, high security racks, software..

High Security KVM Switch

All Local Secure models

Now recomended for Government, Military, Police, Power stations and Utilities to fully separate computers from open networks

KVM Switch options by Keyboard Port type

PS2 User Port Industrial

USB User Port

Rack Mount KVM Switch

19" Rack Mountable  8 Port

19" Rack Mountable 16 Port+

Rack Mount KVM Switch with Console

With 8 Port KVM

With 16 Port KVM

Matrix - Multi User KVM Switches

2 User x8, 16+

4 User x8, 16+

8+ User for Many

IP Access KVM Switches

IP Secure Access plus local control

KVM Extenders

Access computers from upto 300 Mtrs away over UTP or Fibre Optic for even futher distances.

KVM Special Offers 

Special offer prices on leading KVM brand Promotions and Manufacturer Clearance.

Grab a bargin while still available.

KVM Switch Cables

KVM Cables of all lengths for all brands

KVM Sharer's

Share a Single PC,

Allow more user's to share the same Computer great for so many applications

ALL KVM Switches

Find a Leading brand KVM Switch with specifications to suit from Home, small business to Professional Datacentres. In order from small to large.

KVM Access over IP

Remote Single Computer Control

Remote Multiple Computers

Military Grade IP SSL Secure + built even with additional modem for world-wide access to remote Servers or Data Centres

KVM User Accessories

(eg Rack-mounted

KVM consoles, the 1U Dataroom access point with minimal rackspace)

RackMount Keyboards

All Keyboards

Server Cabinets & Rack Systems

Suitable racks to hold servers and have KVM Access in your chosen & perfect way


MCAB- Co-Lo & Server Racks

Rittal TE7000 Super Deal Server racks

Rittal TS-IT Range Server racks

Remote Access Gateways  

Multiple Site - Central Management Secure access to multiple KVM switches and Servers. Remote KVM management giving easy direct access to all your servers

Remote Power Control

IP Control Power Outlets with Port Monitoring

Environmental monitoring Sensors:. Temperature, humidity, power, and more

More About KVM Technology


Local remote KVM devices are disgned to users to control computer equipment upto 1000 feet away (3oom) from the user consoles (keyboard, monitor and mouse). They always need direct cable connection from the computer to the KVM switch to the console and include support for standard cat cat5 cabling between computers and users interconnected by the switch device. In contrast, USB powered KVM devices are able to control computer equipment using a combination of USB, keyboard, mouse and monitor cables of up to 16 feet (5m).



KVM over IP devices use a dedicated micro-controller and potentially specialized video capture hardware to capture the video, keyboard, and mouse signals, compress and convert them into packets, and send them over an Ethernet link to a remote console application that unpacks and reconstitutes the dynamic graphical image. These devices allow multiple computers to be controlled locally or globally with the use of an IP connection.