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Pre- Terminated DataCentre Wiring the quick and easy way

Reduce installation time in the Datacentre by up to 85%  with the Pre-terminated Cat6 or Cat6A Systems

Highest quality ready tested links

Hellermann Tyton Featured Categories:

CAT 6 Cassettes, Pannels & Alternatives...

Cassette to Cassette

Category 6 UTP 6 x Cable

Category 6 UTP 12.5m Cable

Cassette to Plug

Category 6 UTP

RapidNet Panel

Patch Panels  

RN2408-UL 19

RN4808-UL 19

Other Products

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Rapid Net Fibre Cables:

High Speed Fibre Technology 


Rapid Net Fibre Cables

* Factory pre-terminated and tested

* Up to 85% time saving on installation

* Meets all ISO/TIA Category 6 performance standards

* Backward compatible with C5E & C5

* High performance RJ45 plugs  


RapidNet Fibre MPT System  High Density Fibre Cable System

* MPT - 12 Fibre Cable link


* MPT- Fly end 12 x LC Connectors

* Also available made with 24,48,72 and 144 Fibre cores to MPT's



Coolports, adapters and custom requiremnts:

Other Devices, Conectors and Adapters


Hellermann Coolports

Adapters to make the most of your existing installed cables

 (General office use)


Custom Requirements

Special prices on for quantity, different configurations and lengths

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