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High Security Labs (HSL) provide world leading high security equipment for networks isolation and protection.

High Sec Labs (HSL) is a privately held Israeli based company that was established in 2008. The company core business and technologies is in the area of critical networks isolation and protection on board nuclear submarines ships and aircraft. HSL developing sell and supporting fiber network equipment including switches, computers, thin-clients, crypto and VoIP equipment that is currently in use in the newest NATO submarines. HSL achieved the highest security recognition and patented many new technologies in the area networks isolation and cyber protection.


High Sec Labs -Secure KVM Switches

Desk Top, Mulit-screen & VDT Kvm Switches...

KVM Switches Desk Top

High security Desktop KVM Switches to fully separate all possible connections

2 Port

4 port

16 Port

Remote Channel Selector

Remote Dial Control

( Certified EAL4+ )

KVM Switches for Multiscreen

High Security Multiscreen  (Dual Video) KVM Switches

Dual Video


KM Switches with (VDT) Virtuakl Desktop Technology

Special HSL Secure

Additional Secure KVM Products

Secure Kvms and Cables

K400 Range Secure KVM Combiners

View multiple computers on one screen simultaneusly and with instant control via Keyboard and Mouse


HSL Secure Cables & Compatible Accessories


Additional Parts for control and use with HSL Products


5 Button Mouse

SCM Smart Card Reader

Power Supplies

RDC Programming Kit


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'Highest Security Solution'

In 2009 HSL started to develop commercial products that leveraged its unique knowledge and technologies in tactical applications into the office / IT environment. In particular HSL focused on the user desktop with new and innovative types of KVM switches.

Today HSL is a leading vendor and testing laboratory for wide varie ty of cyber prevention tools such as Secure KVMs, KVM combiners, data diodes, and data pumps. HSL technologies and components are used by world's largest suppliers in this area. HSL team is formed from industry experts in many areas of information security, defence electronics, software and integration, with very wide selection of in-house capabilities and expertise.

July 2012 The certification body of the Canadian Common Criteria Evaluation and Certification Scheme (CCS) has completed the certification of Secure DVI KVM Switch, Secure KM Switch and secure KVM Combiner to the EAL 4+ level of assurance.