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Packet Power captures, collects and analyzes the information 

you need to effectively manage energy usage.

Organizations with data centers and other power-intensive facilities use the information we provide to:



The Focus and Solution:


Make it easy to understand what's driving your usage of electrical power

How? We focus on making monitoring simple to install, easy to use and affordable while providing the real-time insight into power, heat, humidity and air pressure that the management of complex facilities requires.

All of Packet Power's monitoring devices communicate over a secure wireless network that configures itself.  Our system can monitor a single device or a 2,000-amp mains feed, and is equally suitable for a single site with a few monitoring points or multiple facilties with thousands.


Products (Parts and Components)

Power Cables and Gateways

Smart Power Cables

 [ Wireless Inline Monitors]

- Inline Monitoring Cables

IP Gateways

 [IP Central Access point]

- IP Access hubs for gaving site information for full IP Access

Enviromental Monitors & Cloud Services

Monitoring Devices and Cloud Legislation 

Environemtnal monitioring services

- Temporature, Humidity & Differential Pressure

Service Cloud

- Rights to use

MY.PACKETPOWER.COM Online portal and Manager Application

Packet Power Software 

Monitoring Programs


EMX Energy Monitoring System

- 25 Monitoring points

- 100 Monitoring points

- 500 Monotoring points

- Annual Maintenance options


Data Hub SNMP Gateway

- 25 Monitoring points

- 100 Monitoring points

- 500 Monitoring points

- Annual Maintenance options