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Finding the required parts (high quality and reliable) for your data centre will hopefully be a little easy, KVM Choice has created two separate product navigation websites for your chosen product areas the original KVM Choice for Data & Server Control and PDU Choice with easier navigation to Power control products. Our Data Centre Choice site acts as a general information site and introduces areas of interest and related sites for your ease, plus a little news and info. on what's new. With products available by either route we supply a huge number of parts and accessories for the modern Datacentre -  we bring you all the components required for the density and scale of all systems to be racked, connected,controlled and monitored.



Data Centre Products and Solution Area's:










Cabling Products: Power, Video, Networking CAT Cables,


Power disconnection problems?  


See the 'IEC LOCK' Locking Power Cables Range


Prevents accidental disconnection & downtime, enables constant power connection to devices. *


We have stock of various colours and lengths, feel free to contact us.





Also see PatchSee:



Intelligent light-up PatchCord!

(Bulk orders Only). Learn more?




Data Centre Cabling Solutions (See below).



Individual Attach Cables

 - General Data and Power cables PAGE

Cables patching to exact size




Patch Panels


Power Splitter

2 Way

4 Way

16,32, 64 Amp Call for information

Fibre Duplex Patching

Call for pricing to length and qty.

OM3  &  OM4

Patch Panels

Copper (DAC) Direct Attach Cables



Call for pricing to size and quantity

Cassettte CatX Cables and patching


Rapid Net Cat6 Cassette cables

Patch Panels

OM3, OM4 & OS1, OS2             

 Call for pricing to length and qty


Optical( AOC ) Active Optical Cables


Call for pricing to size and quantity



MPO & MPT Fibre Optic Cables 


Duplex or MTO/MPT patch panels

MPO - Break Out Cables ( Fan Out )

Call for pricing to size and quantity









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Below we have some quick links to products areas often required:







Management systems are capable of controlling all these areas yet keep tasks as simple as possible at the top level of access and control. We work with you bringing together the additional expertise of these specialist services so that the final system can be totally capable now and yet scalable for your future needs and growth. 


Specialist Data Centre Products and Services

Fully Configured Loaded Racks

(Edge MDC)

- Fully loaded as you require:

- Local or Remote Access, Secure Access

- Power UPS, ATS, PDU,  

 - Comms: IP KVM or Serial,

- Storage, Hyper Conergence

- Edge Loaded Rack ( Non cooled ) Examples 

- Edge MDC ( Micro Data Centre /Cooled ) Rack Solutions

Call for details )

Hyper Converged Infrastrusture (HC3)

- Storage without SAN, simple and fast, fully configured as you require with disaster recovery & data retrieval.


Contact for an advisor and discussion

Data Centre Equipment & Solutions...

DCIM  Data Centre Infrastructure Management Systems Tools

DataCentre Software

Gateway Access - Centralising of Global Access 

Serial Console /Terminal Servers

- Local & Remote RS232 Controllers

Power Management & Power Control

- PDUVisit PDU Choice for the easy PDU Finder

- Complete Energy Management System Power IQ

Aisle Containment Systems 

Cold Air Corridor Containment

- Hot Aisle



IP Access and Control KVM Switch Systems



- IP KVM Switch


Local Multi User KVM Switch Systems



- Local CatX KVM Switch

Remote Management Single Server IP Access Units

- Total system control via IP   

- Raritan 4K HDMI Dominion DKX4-101

- Special offers on VGA   Dominion DKX2-101

- AdderLink iPEPS DVI & VGA

- Rose UltraLink DVI & VGA

Racking and Server Enclosure  Systems  



- Minkels

Server All Cabinets listed 



Rack Accessories  

Rack PDU's - See PDU Choice search site


- Network Wiring 

- Full server rack system installations

- Air Conditioned contained solutions


Asset Management

- Crash Trolley / Cart

Rack Crash  All & Trolley Rack access Panels  

Adaptors and Cable management Crash Trolley- Direct access  Admin KVM rack consoles

CCTV internal/external system design

Air Movement Cooling Systems

Blanking Panels

Fans and Venting

Blanking to control air flow direction

Liquid Cooling Systems

Liquid Cooling Equipment


Liquid cooling with fans

Datacentre Rack Wiring  Pre-Terminated

Reduce installation time by up to 75% with the Pre-terminated Cat6 System 



- Fibre 

UPS - Uninterruptible Power Supplies

- Aten UPS


Tripp-Lite UPS

Gamatronic UPS

Enviromental Monitoring Systems

- Raritan Smart Rack Control

Packet Power

Power IQ

Data Centre Control & Planning Software Tools

- Infrastructure Mangagement Tools and services.

Secure Power connection Cabling


Locking IEC Connections from IEC Lock

Data Cabling

Cat6A / Cat6 /Cat5E / PatchSee 

- Fibre Optic Patchleads: Fibre Parts

- Active Optical: 10 GIG SFP / 40 GIG QSFP