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KVM Choice are officially UK Authorised suppliers of Xceedium (CA Technologies) products and our Xceedium (CA Technologies) products are warranted for sale and use in the UK, warranties fully supported by Xceedium (CA Technologies) UK. Please check the warranty status of low cost imports which may have warranty issues, for details contact Xceedium (CA Technologies).

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Gatekeeper Appliances, Serial Consoles, IP Converters & Switches...

GateKeeper IP Access Appliance

- Universal Access Gateway with Secure Sockets Layers

Serial Console XC20 Range

-  SSH console access solution 

GateKeeper Licences

 - Secure It Operations Management

Serial Console XC64 Range

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Experience the best in Power Control and Management ...

IP remote 4 x 4 Serial control units


IP- KVM Access Converters/Switches:.

Secure SSL - Out of band control of KVM to bios level...